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Home / Activities / Orienteering competition Jukola 17-18.6.2017

Orienteering competition Jukola 2017 

This summer the orienteering competition will be held on 17.06-18.06 in Eno. More than 16 000 athletes and 40 000 guests will take part in the competition. 

The orienteering competition is dedicated to 100th anniversary of Finnish independence and is a part of the anniversary program. 

Koli Tourist Centre in located near the competition orienteering place. 


The competition centre is located in the school of the Eno village. Distance from Joensuu to Eno is 35 km, from Koli to Eno about 50 km. Koli offers accommodation in cottages, campsites, hostels and hotel. In addition to accommodation, Koli offers other services: 

If you haven’t found a suitable accommodation option, please contact us by phone + 358 45 138 7429 or email



You can get to Joensuu from Koli by taxi. A bus route is organised to get from Joensuu to the place of orienteering competition. The bus passes every 30 minutes. 

Friday 16.6.2017 round trip 30 € / person.

Koli-Joensuu: 10.40, 15.40, 23.00

Joensuu-Koli: 12.00, 17.40, 01.00

Saturday 17.6.2017 round trip 20 € / person.

Koli-Joensuu: 08.00, 15.40, 23.00

Joensuu-Koli: 09.30, 17.40, 01.00

Sunday 18.6.2017 round trip 30 € / person.

Koli-Joensuu: 10.40, 15.40

Joensuu-Koli: 12.00, 17.40