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Etusivu / Activities / Winter activities / The IBU World Cup Biathlon in Kontiolahti & Koli

The IBU World Cup Biathlon 7 in Kontiolahti & Koli 6th – 11th March 2018

Visitors to the World Cup, welcome to Koli!

The versatile services of the Koli area are at the disposal of visitors to the Championships. The days pass off nicely in winter activities and attending exhibitions and public functions. If your muscles get cramped from the exercise and the thrills of the Championships, relax them in the spa. Culinary pleasures are guaranteed by our high-quality restaurant services. In the Koli area you’ll get hospitable service in a true Karelian fashion. For your convenience, we have collected here some tips on the services of the Koli area.




There are still vacancies in the hotels, apartments, and cottages of the area for the time of the Championships, and they can be booked even at short notice. Should you need help in finding suitable accommodation, contact the Koli Tourist Information: or tel. +358 45 138 7429.

Following vacancies on January 10, 2018:

Kaskilinna, from 3rd to 10th March 2018, t. +358 400 468 176,,

KoliCarelia, a villa from 3rd to 11th March and a villa from 7th to 11th/12th March, t. +358 500 177 345,,

Koli Freetime from 4th to 8th March 2018, t. +358 10 322 3040,,

Koli Oasis a room (2–4 persons) from 5th to 8th March and a room (1–2 persons) from 5th to 9th March, t. +358 40 865 0466,,

Kolintien mökki, from 6th to 9th March, t. +358 50 341 9001,,

Maatilamatkailu Jänisvaara, from 5th to 8th March, t. +358 50 5053127 Iris, +358 50 60356 Erkki,

Niinilahden Lomamajat. Nuottaniemi from 28th February to 8th March 745 €/week, Apajaranta from 28th February to 7th March 745 €/week, Aurinkoranta from 3rd to 10th March 585 €/week, Rantahiekka from 25th February to 10th March  850 €/week, Niinihiekka from 3rd to 8th March 610 €, Onnela from 5th to 8th March 320 €, t. +358 40 770 2277,,

Paimentupa cottage Majavaranta (6–8 persons) from 6th to 7th March 120€/day, Apartment Paimenpoika from 6th to 11th March (2–4 persons) 90€/day, 415€/ 5  days, Apartment Paimentyttö  from 10th to 11th March (2–4 persons) 80€/day. Daily riding on Icelandic horses, booking in advance, t. +358 40 080 2709,,

Ukko-Kolin Rantamökit, cottages Tarhalahti, Hiekkaniemi, Villenmökki, Koivulahti, Mäntyniemi. Kultaranta from 3rd to 7th March
t. +358 400 182 851,,

In Vuonislahti Hanhiniemi cottages: Kanervankukka and Luhtalemmikki ( and FB Vuonislahden Hanhiniemi), the artist's residence Hupeli: 3 apartments and communal facilities (, and FB Vuonislahden Taiteilijatalo),

Ruunaan Matkailu, a cottage for 4 persons 90 €/day, 2 x cottage for 6 persons 100 €/vrk, a cottage for 8 persons 150 €/day, t. +358 13 533 130, +358 400 352 307, +358 400 695 955,

Koli24 online-bookings - accomodation 5. - 11.3. - accomodation 5. - 11.3.

VisitKoli - accomodation 5. - 11.3


Services, activities, ski tracks and slopes

Before th day's biathlon events you will have time to enjoy winter activities with a great view and eat well in a local restaurant. Spend the evening for example in a pampering spa or snow shoeing, skiing or downhill skiing.    


Shuttle taxi between Koli and the Biathlon Stadium

The Koli Shuttle operates between Joensuu and Koli, door-to-door and it goes to Kontiolahti Biathlon Stadium during the Kontiolahti Biathlon. Return ticket is 30 €. English service tel. +358 207 414 393. It is advisable to book taxi the previous day only by phone. Please mention if you order a shuttle taxi or private taxi. The schedules of taxi and local traffic here.

Thursday 8 March
Koli - Kontiolahti       4.40 pm
Kontiolahti - Koli      8.30 pm

Friday 9 March    
Koli - Kontiolahti       4.40 pm
Kontiolahti - Koli      8.30 pm

Saturday 10 March    
Koli - Kontiolahti       1 pm
Kontiolahti - Koli      7.45 pm

sunday 11 March
Koli - Kontiolahti       1 pm
Kontiolahti - Koli      6 pm, after the competition



Shopping, incl. souvenirs, on week 11

At Ukko-Koli, the Koli Shop Retkitupa is open from 10 am to 5 pm Monday to Sunday. The assortment includes cross-country and downhill skiing gloves, a wide selection of stocking caps, underwear, Tesema socks, Koli textiles, souvenirs, and high-quality hiking gear. For hikers, there are lockers, locker rooms, and showers for a charge.

Nature Centre Ukko

The grocery shop Kolin Sale is open from 9 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 6 pm Saturdays, and from 12 noon to 6 pm Sundays.

For other places to visit and shop, see

Ski trails and slopes


Public transport connections

Shuttle taxi between Koli, Joensuu and Kontiolahti and taxies. See


The Kontiolahti Biathlon World Championships

Thursday 8.3.2018:

LCT 18:45  Sprint Men 10 km

Friday 9.3.2018:

LCT 18:45 Sprint Women 7,5 km

Saturday 10.3.2018:

LCT 14:40 Single Mixed Relay
LCT 17:45 Mixed Relay

Sunday 11.3.2018:

LCT 14:30 Mass Start Men 15 km
LCT 17:10 Mass Start Women 12,5 km

LCT = Local Time

For more information, see

Welcome to Koli to enjoy your winter holidays!