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Getting to Koli




Shuttle taxi Koli-Joensuu-Koli

The Koli Shuttle operates between Joensuu and Koli, door-to-door. Taxi stops anywhere in Koli area, by the market square in Joensuu and at central hospital, railway station or airport in Joensuu when needed. The basic timetable is given below. Timetables are estimated pick-up times. Exact timetables from Shuttle Taxi booking number.
It is advisable to book taxi the previous day only by phone. ShuttleTaxi booking number +358 401 044 687 on previous day. Service in English +358 20 741 4393. While booking, please mention if you want to order shuttle taxi or private taxi. Other times than mentioned in the timetable (for private taxi rides), normal taxi fee will be charged.


Koli-Joensuu  Joensuu-Koli







One direction 30 €/person

Children under 16 accompanied by adults 15 €/person

Airport fee 5 € extra.

Save with a group ticket:

2 persons 28 €/person
3 persons 26 €/person
4 persons 24 €/person
5 persons or more 22 €/person

Return Koli–Joensuu–Koli and Joensuu–Koli–Joensuu
40 €/person on same day

Timetable for additional drives for shuttle taxi :

Private taxi prices Joensuu–Koli


1–4 persons by taxi

130 €

5–8 persons by taxi 160 €
9–19 persons by bus

190 €

20–48 persons by bus                           240 € (return 450 €)

Local traffic at Koli

The local traffic at Koli helps you to move easily between accommodation and services every day. The local traffic taxi functions on order. It is advisable to book taxi the previous day or at least two hours before the start of the route by phone. Booking number is +358 40 104 4687. While booking, please tell the number of the taxi stop where you are going to get into the taxi. The taxi stops are marked with numbers on the map and with signs along the road. Timetables are estimated pick-up times. Price for one direction is 5 €. Local traffic timetable. Click here.


Ski & Spa Bus from Joensuu and Nurmes

Ski & Spa Bus timetable. Click here.

Shuttle taxi to Lieksa and Juuka

Koli – Lieksa and Lieksa – Koli

Driven on Wednesdays
Departure: from Koli at 9:00 am, from Lieksa at 1:30 pm
Service providers: Kolin taksipalvelu Ky (‘Koli Cab Service’), Taksikoli Oy Ltd, and
Mr Urpo Määttänen, cab driver
Tel.: +358 40 104 4687
Ticket price: 7 euro / one direction

Koli – Juuka and Juuka – Koli

Driven on Tuesdays and Fridays
Departure: from Koli at 9:00 am, from Juuka at 12:00 noon (duration about 30 minutes)
Service providers: Kolin taksipalvelu Ky (‘Koli Cab Service’), Taksikoli Oy Ltd, and
Mr Urpo Määttänen, cab driver
Tel.: +358 40 104 4687
Ticket price: 7 euro / one direction.

These taxicabs serve you at Koli

Taksikoli Oy Ltd,

Kolin Taksipalvelu Ky (‘Koli Cab Service’),

Tel. +358 20 741 4390

Mr Urpo Määttänen +358 50 037 4004

Joensuu-Koli taxi fares here.

By car

About 6 hours drive from Helsinki, 1½ hours from Kuopio, an hour from Joensuu. In winter ice-road (7 kms) across Lake Pielinen to Vuonislahti. Road map find here.



By train

From Helsinki, due to the new short-cut track, trains reach Joensuu in just over four hours at their fastest. From the Joensuu railway station, the easiest way to get to Koli is ridesharing on a minibus (see top of this page). To browse the timetables of VR (Finnish Railways), click here. Please note that you can even ride a train quite near to Koli, to the village of Vuonislahti on the eastern shore of Lake Pielinen. From Vuonislahti you can take a taxi to the village of Koli. When the Koli – Vuonislahti ice road is open in wintertime, it’s only a 10-kilometre ride.


By water

M/F Pielinen, the biggest car ferry on Finland’s inland waterways, runs between Koli and Lieksa and the Hydrofoil SuviExpress between Koli, Vuonislahti and Lieksa. Timetables in this link.

Pielis-Laivat Oy
Pellikanlahdentie 1, Nurmes
+358 400 142 819
+358 400 228 435, ferry in the summer,
customer service+358 400 889 845/ groups

Hydrofoil SuviExpress , more information and reservations:
tel. +358 451 387 429, info(at) or tel. +358 400 788 142, aarne.ilves(at)



By air

Koli is served by the airports of two nearby cities, Joensuu and Kuopio. There are several daily flights from Helsinki to both these cities. From the Joensuu airport, the easiest way to get to Koli is ridesharing (see top of this page).