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See below camping and caravan sites in Koli area. Koli Camping Merilänranta is located at Loma-Koli on the shore of Lake Pielinen. Kolin uusi caravan at Kolikeskus is also at Loma-Koli area between Lakes Pielinen and Käränkalampi. Koli Freetime on the shore of Lake Valkealampi in Kopravaara. SF-Caravan Pielisen Karjala Rekiniemi in Vuonislahti, Lieksa is on the opposite side of Lake Pielinen from Koli.

Koli Camping Merilänranta

Koli Camping Merilänranta is a picturesque travel destination on the shore of Lake Pielinen situated near Koli National Park. The territory of the camping surrounded by pine forests is next to the scenic sand beach. 55 electrified parking places, a pier, a mooring puoy, toilet and grey water disposal facilities, showers, WC:s, a small convenience store, barbecue facilities, a beach sauna, a football goal, a basketball ring, a trampoline. From Koli camping is only a 15-minute boat ride to Hiekkasaari island.

Reception, convenience store and equipment rental opening hours 2023

12.5.–2.6. mornings and early evening and by calling
3.6.–21.6. from 9:00 to 11:00 and from 16:00 to 20:00
22.6.–5.8. from 9:00 to 20:00
6.8.–20.8. from 9:00 to 11:00 and from 16:00 to 20:00
21.8.–7.10. mornings and early evening and by calling

Other times, please call for more information, tel. +358 400 818 652 or +358 207 352 300.

Check-in available 24 h. If you arrive when reception is not open, please check-in with your basic passenger details and vehicle registration number. After filling the details you can freely set up your camp within the fences of our camping site area. Dogs are welcome.


Camping fee: 16 €/vehicle + 3 €/adult, children under 12 years 1 €
SFC/Camping card holders are entitled for 2 € discount
Electricity: 5 €
Lake front pitch:+ 5 €
Busses: extra site fee +50% / +8 €
More than one tent or other accommodation: extra site fee +50% / +8 €
Without motor vehicle: camping fee - 50 %
Laundry: 5 € (washing machine + dryer / 1 use)
Sauna: 25 € (sauna dayhours 15 €)

Koli Camping Merilänranta, Hiekkaniementie 12, 83960 Koli. tel. +358 400 818 652.,

Koli Freetime

Koli Freetime is a cosy and peaceful camping in Kopravaara, near Koli, surrounded by beautiful nature and crystal-clear waters. Our guests especially appreciate the cleanliness and maintenance of the facilities and of the area. The surrounding area offer many activities and plenty to do: illuminated ski trail to Koli and hiking and biking trails start straight from the camping. Koli Freetime is a perfect place to stop when travelling on the road number 6 south or north. Facilities (kitchen, toilets, and showers) are heated all year round. There is a hut for grilling and two campfire pits on the beach. The distance to Koli is about 10 km (6.2 miles), to the top of Ukko-Koli approx. 13 km (8 miles). 


Koli Freetime camping is open all year round apart from maintenence breaks in November and April. Check opening hours from Koli Freetime webpages. We recommend booking in advance in winter season.


Camping fee: 1.5.–30.9. 18 euro/night tent, motorhome or camper. 1.10.–30.4. 20 euro/night tent, motorhome or camper.
Camping fee for SFC, ACSI and Camping Key members: 1.5.–30.9. 16 euro/night. 1.10.–30.4. 18 euro/night
Personal fee: 5 euro/adult/night, 2.50 euro/children (2–16 years)/night
Electricity for lighting: unmetered: 5 euro/night
Electricity for heating: unmetered: 10 euro/night
Electricity, metered: 0.50 euro/kWh
Use of the washing machine: 5 euro per load
Public sauna is included in the price. Women's sauna heated daily at 6 pm and men's sauna at 7 pm. Other times fro customer sauna to order 20 euro/hour.

Koli Freetime, Kopravaarantie 27, 83950 Ahmovaara, +358 10 322 3040,,

Kolin Uusi Caravan

A new caravan area located on scenic terrain on the ridge between lakes Käränkälampi and Pielinen, in the vicinity of Koli National Park. The area offers excellent possibilities for enjoying nature both in the terrain and on the waters. On the shore of Lake Käränkälampi, a swimming pier and changing rooms are available. In the area there are cafe and restaurant services, gym as well as saunas. Boat, canoe, bicycle, snowmobile, ATV and cottage rental. Golf practice area.


Open all year round. Reception open during Kolikeskus cafeteria opening hours. When cafeteria is closed, there are instruction on the door of the main building. If questions, please call +358 40 1372090 or +358 400 504596.


Camping fee: 18 €/night + person 2 €/night (children under 12 years 1 €/night)
Electricity for lighting: 5 €/night
Electricity for heating: 9 €/night
SFC/Camping card holders are entitled for 2 € discount.
Sauna with electrical sauna heater: 35 €/h
Sauna with wood-burning sauna stove: 30 €/h (client heats the sauna)
Smoke sauna: on request and on smoke sauna days.
Charging for electic cars: 4 charging stations, €20/charge of 7.2 kW per hour charging power (duration approx. 4 to 5 hours).
Season fees: Ask about season fees.

Open 1.1.–31.12.

Kolin Uusi Caravan, Kolikeskus, Hiekkaniementie 2, 83960 Koli, Lieksa, Jukka Suninen tel. +358 400 504 596 or, Kolin uusi caravan.

SF-Caravan Pielisen Karjala Rekiniemi

SF-Caravan Rekiniemi in located in Vuonislahti, Lieksa Vuonislahdessa between lakes Pielinen and Jauhiainen. The peaceful area is surrounded by trees and and lakes, and there are several levels. There are approx. 100 places with electricity. Public sauna is included in the prices.

In the area there are for example a camp office,a maintenance space, showers and toilets (also for disabled), chemical toilet disposal, barbeque/cooking area, and sauna (in the sauna there is also lifting device for disabled persons). Recreation house in heated. There are 5 boats, 2 paddling boats and SUP-boards and 4 pedal cars for rent. Pets are welcome (they should be kept on leash). In summer a small kiosk-shop. Fishing licence for those spending the night.

Rekiniemi is a good base for exploring the surrounding area. To Vuonislahti (Wanhan Koulun Puoti shop and cafeteria) is only 1 km, to Kestikievari Herranniemi only 0.5 km. Distance to Paateri atelier and church is approx. 11 km. To Koli there are boat connection across Lake Pielinen. Both Patvinuo National Park and Ruunaa Recreational Area are approx. 1 hour by car.


Open all year round. Personnel on location from 1.6. to 31.8. Other times self-service, there are instructions on the door of the camp office building.


Area fee: tent €20 /nigh, campers/caravans €27/night (for SFC members €22/night)
Electricity metered: 1.1.–31.12. €0.20/KWH, minimum charge €2.
Eletricity unmetered: 1.1.–30.4. €8/24 hrs, 1.5.–30.9. €5/24 hrs and 1.10.–31.12. €8/ 24 hrs
Private sauna: €15/50 mins
Laundry machine: €4/load
Laundry drying machine: €4/load
Hoover: €4/use

SF-Caravan Pielisen Karjala ry, Rekiniemi 4, 81590 Vuonislahti, tel. +358 40 702 5745 (in use in summer time), SF-Caravan Pielisen Karjala

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