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Koli Master Plan 


As specified in the document Koli Vision 2015, Koli will stand out above all through its year-round availability of services and its unique foundation on nature and culture. The Koli Master Plan defines the development guidelines of the tourist industry and investments therein in such a way as to preserve the distinctiveness of Koli among Finland’s tourist attractions. The goals set in the plan include raising the accommodation capacity and stepping up the number of international visitors.

The Vision specifies that the increased numbers of international and domestic tourists shall be served in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. Koli will remain, then, the favourite destination of the nature-loving, active tourist.

The Koli Master Plan sets the following strategic goals:

K eep sustainable development in mind in all development work.
O ffer services that emphasise the distinctiveness and diversity of Koli.
L et nature be the focal attraction of the area.
I ncrease investments into the Loma-Koli area and the village of Koli.

Further information:

The Koli Master Plan report and brochures, available from

If you are interested in developing tourism at Koli and there is something we can do to help, contact the Koli Tourism Association at / tel. +358 40 771 6652.