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Other worthwhile destinations at Koli and in the vicinity


The central location of Koli in the middle of North Karelia, with a short distance to everywhere in the province, gives you excellent opportunities to enjoy the services of the surroundings. The area coverable within an hour from Koli forms a nationally unique ensemble of services, offering a wide range of content for your holidays.


Nature Centre Ukko is there to serve visitors to the Koli National Park, drawing together the unique culture and nature of the national park. Ukko is an excellent starting point for an outing, providing you with guidance on hiking and tourism and a possibility to reserve rental cottages within the national park. There are also diverse exhibitions offering you information, arts, and experiences. In the auditorium you can enjoy magnificent multimedia presentations or arrange meetings. At the nature shop Vakka you can buy creations of local artisans and local organic produce or just stop for coffee.


Kolin Kotiseutumuseo (Koli heritage museum) is located in the center of Koli village, in a building behind Kolin Ryynänen (Ylä-Kolintie 1). The museum contains two main collections by  Ari Koistinen and Einar A. Saarelainen. Ari Koistinen had a passion for old time household ware, tools and machinery. He collected over 1000 items and in museum you can see sections covering both agriculture and hunting, but also hobbycraft items. Einar A. Saarelainen was self-taught photographer, who build his first camera all by himself in 1923. In next 30 years period he took over 5000 photographs all over the Koli area, covering local people both in joy and sorrow, in their sunday cloths and in their work cloths. Besides these, there is also sections covering history of tourism, the martta movement and use of flax in everyday cloths among others.
Museum is open during the period 5.6.-1.9.2018 as following: Tue-Fri 11.00-16.30, Sat 11.00-15.00, Closed on Mon & Sun. Ticket prices: Adults 2 €, children 1 €, families 5 €, payment cash only.


The Koli-Vuonislahti ice road, connecting the 270-inhabitant village of Koli with the 250-inhabitant village of Vuonislahti, is the longest official inland-water ice road in Europe. In comparison with summertime, the ice road shortens the distance between the two villages by over 50 kilometres. The significance of the ice road comes to the fore in February and March, when the skiing holidays of Finnish schools multiply the number of people residing in the area. At the maximum, the ice road is used by as many as 500 vehicles a day. According to a thesis prepared within the training programme for tourism at the North Karelia Polytechnic, there are official ice roads in the Nordic and Baltic countries. Out of the ice roads surveyed, the Koli-Vuonislahti one turned out to be the longest official inland-water ice road. Its length is 7 kilometres, about the same as the ice road from Oulu to Hailuoto (10 km). The Koli-Vuonislahti ice road is usually opened around the middle of January (it can be opened when the effective thickness of the ice is 40 centimetres). At its latest, the ice road has been in use until 21st April. 



On the eastern shore of Lake Pielinen, the Vuoniskylät villages form a diverse ensemble of attractions and services: high-quality cottages, excursions to Lake Pielinen, and a hostelry with several decades of service traditions. The studio of the wood sculptress Eva Ryynänen at Paateri and the Pielinen Museum in Lieksa are sure to be pleasing destinations for enthusiasts of art, history, and culture.

The Rukajärvi Centre, at the Timitra Castle in Lieksa, acquaints you with Finnish war history. It is situated in the former barracks of the Lieksa border company (later, the Lieksa Border Guard Authority) of the Finnish Border Guards. The building, erected in the 1930s, is now called Timitran linna (Timitra Castle). The building also houses the Timitra Hostel, which offers accommodation, meal services, and diverse activities. You can combine a war history excursion, for example, to a canoeing trip on Lake Pielinen.


In the summer you can experience the magic of stone at the Tulikivi Stone Village just half an hour away from the village of Koli. Golf, anyone? There are two golf courses waiting for you nearby, one in Kontiolahti and the other in Nurmes.

The Hyvärilä Holiday and Youth Centre offers programmes and things to do for the whole family – there is a beach, a hiking path, and several beach volleyball courts. On the multipurpose court you can play floorball, basketball, handball, etc. And you can rent a canoe, a rowing boat, Nordic walking poles, balls, and games. In winter you can rent snowshoes.

In July 2012, a sports hall was opened at Hyvärilä. With its full-length floorball court, courts for volleyball, basketball and handball, futsal and archery equipment, mirror walls, climbing walls and climbing areas, it provides diverse opportunities for different sports camps and programme services. Hyvärilä is situated in Nurmes, 83 kilometres from Koli.

The Valamo Monastery in Heinävesi, about 1,5 hours by car from Koli village, is centre of the Orthodox religious life and culture. Monastry is open to visitors around of the year.