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Shopping places 



Koli Shop ‘Retkitupa’

Koli Shop Retkitupa offers local high-quality products, hiking equipment, Koli textiles and souvenirs. Rentals include rain ponchos, child carriers, hammock, day packs and in winter snowshoes and snow spikes.
Koli Shop Retkitupa is a souvenir and outdoor equipment shop filled with local and Finnish-made souvenirs and quality outdoor gear. We offer a wide range of Koli-souvenirs and T-shirts made in Finland and souvenirs made from natural materials. We also have maps and outdoor gear such as hammocks, day packs, gas for hiking stoves, wooden Kuksa-cups and Kupilka products. In the winter, we sell high-quality Faber snowshoes, Snowline spikes and warm clothes such as beanies and gloves. The products we sell are carefully selected by three nature-loving outdoors-women. We value durable and environmentally friendly products and our values, sustainability and respect for the nature, are reflected in our products.
We also rent hiking equipment and outdoor gear such as hammocks, sleeping bags, rain ponchos and thermos flasks. In winter we rent Faber snowshoes and Snowline spikes for shoes, as well as deep snow forest skis. When renting, we give you advice and tips on the technique and give you advice where to go. And if you decide to buy snowshoes or snow spikes after renting them, we deduct the rental price!
Koli Shop Retkitupa is located in Koli Nature Centre Ukko in the middle of Koli’s spectacular scenery
Welcome to Koli Shop Retkitupa!

Contact information: Ilovoltti Oy Ltd, tel. +358 40 023 1332,,,, Instagram: FeelKoli.


Spa Shop by Sokos Hotels

The Spa Shop adjacent to the reception of the Break Sokos Hotel Koli offers Reino shoes specially branded for Koli, local delicacies, Lumene pampering products, maps and post cards, and more. The opening times are the same as those of the hotel reception.

Break Sokos Hotel Koli / Spa Shop by Sokos Hotels, tel. +358 20 123 4662,

Nature Shop Vakka at Nature Centre Ukko

Handicrafts and organic foodstuffs, café. Free internet access in the lobby.

Ylä-Kolintie 39, 83960 Koli, tel. +358 20 564 5654,,

Koli Season and Kolin Kulmakivi Gallery Shop


Koli Season

Koli Season is a jazz-spirited shop selling local, organic, and natural products in the middle of Koli village. Here you also find fishing gear for the season plus great coffee and tasty Koli biscuits.
At Koli Season you can have your sax serviced and take in our unique show & sale of old saxophones. Welcome all!
Koli Season, in Koli village, Kolintie 94, Koli, t. +358 405 481 759,, Facebook: Koli Season.

Kolin Kulmakivi Gallery Shop

Arts & crafts sales exhibition in Koli Tourist Information. Pictures of nature photographer Matti Pihlatie, local handicraft, lace ceramics, jewels of parchment and silver by Apan Koru. The wide supply includes even handmade Karelian pastries that are delivered on order also gluten free. 
Kolin Kulmakivi Gallery Shop, Tourist Information, Ylä-Kolintie 2, Koli, t. +358 451 387 429

Koli korut1_812_217.png


The quartzite of Koli
The forested hills of Koli formed about 2300 million years ago, when sand from the ancient ocean became stuck between the tectonic plates, and a mountain range, almost as high as the Himalayas, formed in the area. As time went by, several  ice ages, along with weathering, left behind only the hardest stone of all – the white quartzite stone of Koli. This very stone has been cut into the KOLI-jewellery.

Koli Nature Centre Ukko, Ylä-Kolintie 39, Koli, t. +358 206 395 654
Koli Shop Retkitupa, Ylä-Kolintie 39, Koli, t. +358 400 231 332
Farm Accomodation Jänisvaara, Jänisvaarantie 4, Koli, t. +358 505 053 127
Kolinportti, Kolintie 10, Ahmovaara, t. +358 103 224 722
Loma-Kolin Portti, Hiekkaniementie 2, Koli, t. +358 505 554 633
Koli Freetime, Kopravaarantie 27, Ahmovaara, t. +358 103 223 040
Kolin Kulmakivi Gallery Shop, Tourist Information, Ylä-Kolintie 2, Koli, t. +358 451 387 429
Koli Season, in Koli village, Kolintie 94, Koli, t. +358 405 481 759



Kilkan Kukko sales office at Kolinportti

The Kilkan Kukko sales office offers handmade home bakery products, including pullas, cakes, Karelian pasties, and various kukkos, i.e., rye loaves with fillings such as vendace, perch, salmon, rutabaga, meat/potato, or meat. Their rye bread and kukkos come from the Kilkan Kukko bakery, other products from skilful nearby bakers.

Kolinportin Asema Oy, Souvenir and gift shop, Kolintie 10, Ahmovaara, tel. +358 103 224 722, Facebook: Kilkan Kukko.

Bakery products from the Jänisvaara Tourist Farm now also in a webshop

At the Jänisvaara Tourist Farm you can order bakery products – all baked on the farm, from beginning to end, now also in a webshop. Please make your orders to the matron of the house the day before or in the morning. The orders are to be picked up at the Jänisvaara Tourist Farm, Jänisvaarantie 4, 83960 Koli, tel. +358 50 505 3127 or, webshop:


Sinikka`s ceramics savikamarin Mustikkapaikka

This is a ceramics sales exhibition about 40 kms from Koli on the road to Juuka. Sinikka Häyrinen’s individually crafted lamps, lanterns, miniature fountains and other ceramic art products. Opens to the ring of the doorbell or by phoning in advance. For map, pictures, further info:

Sinikan savikamari. Paalasmaantie 120, 83900 Juuka, tel. +358 40 507 9732, email:

To the city and the villages


Joensuu is the biggest city in North Karelia (population 73 000). You’ll find a good selection of shops along the pedestrian street or nearby in the town centre. For holiday makers looking for things to do, Joensuu offers a broad range: swimming pools, gymnasia, bowling, massage and other treatments. Then there are the Art Museum and the North Karelia Museum right across from the market square. And just a block away the craft centre Taitokortteli across from the City Hall has become a thriving milieu, with sales outlets, a working smithy and other workshops and services. You can even weave your own souvenir. Distance from Koli: 70 kms.


Lieksa. This town (population 13 000) lies further from the sea than any other in Fennoscandia. To get here from Koli there is a long drive around the lake, but the summer ferry service cuts driving distance. And in the depths of winter (usually January onwards) there is a road (7kms) across the ice. A wide range of shops and services.

Juuka village (population 5 800) is the heart of the district of Juuka (total pop. 6 000). The village is about half an hour’s drive from Koli. Here you’ll find the nearest outlet of Alko, the national alcohol monopoly.

Nurmes The town of Nurmes (population 8500) has two centres: Porokylä and Nurmes. Nurmes offers, among other services, a factory outlet for Sasta outdoor wear.

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