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Home / Places to visit / The Herajärvi trail / Questions and answers

Questions and answers about the Lake Herajärvi Trail

1. Has the trail been marked yet?

The Herajärvi Trail has been marked with blue paint marks. Besides, there are signposts at intersections.
As always when setting out for longer cross-country treks, it is advisable on the Herajärvi Trail, too, to carry a map and to follow one’s progress on the map.

2. Are there any special instructions for those setting off to the Lake Herajärvi Trail?

The basic rules of trekking apply to the Herajärvi Trail as well. Here are some special characteristics:

The Herajärvi Trail is a demanding one on account of its great differences in altitude. When you’re planning the duration of your trek, keep in mind that your progress on the Herajärvi Trail may well be slower than it would be on more level trails.

The trail runs partly through lands of private landowners. Partly it also runs through lands administered by timber companies and, above all, by the National Board of Forestry. Please be sure to respect the environment, the other trekkers, and the landowners by recognizing your responsibility when trekking.

3. How long does it take to go round the trail?

Trekkers choosing the 40-kilometre portion have mainly gone through it in 2-3 days. Many of them, though, have chosen to enjoy the views for a couple of days longer. The 43-kilometre route of the “Marathon of the Fells”, always run in October, follows the Lake Herajärvi Trail. The record time for the 40-kilometre portion is under 4 hours. Those who trek the whole trail carrying a backpack will go round the increased length of it in 3-4 days on the average.

4. Are there places to spend a night in a tent or a lean-to?

Along the trail, you can pitch a tent in the following places:
- Turula (Koli National Park), a good 1 kilometre towards the village of Koli from the north end of the trail
- Ylä-Murhi (11 km from Ukko-Koli) (Koli National Park, east side trail)
- Lakkala (14.5 km from Ukko-Koli) (Koli National Park, east side trail)
- Rykiniemi (16.5 km from Ukko-Koli) (Koli National Park, east side trail)
- Kiviniemi farm (20 km from Ukko-Koli)

You can sleep in a lean-to or Lapp hut in the following places:
- Ryläys (a Lapp hut at the northwest corner of Lake Herajärvi, 9 km from Ukko-Koli)
- Kiviniemi farm (a lean-to on the west shore of Lake Herajärvi, 20 km from Ukko-Koli)
- south end (a lean-to 8.8 km from Kiviniemi)
- Suopelto (a lean-to 15.9 km from Kiviniemi)

5. Where can I get drinking water?

You can replenish your water supply at the following places:
Visitor Centre Ukko
Ikolanaho (a well, 2.9 km from Ukko-Koli)
Kiviniemi (20 km from Ukko-Koli)
Seppälä (a well, 4.5 km or 25 km from Kiviniemi)

6. What services are available along the trail?

Accommodation is available in the Koli National Park (rental cottages) and at the Kiviniemi farm. For other accommodation in the area, click here.

Taxi services (e.g., pickup from along the trail) are offered by the taxicabs of the Koli area.  

Guiding/catering services for the Lake Herajärvi Trail are offered by Koli Activ Oy Ltd.

For meal services, click here.

Information services and multimedia presentations on the Koli National Park are offered by the Visitor Centre Ukko.

7. Where can I get maps?

The new extension of the Lake Herajärvi Trail is included in the Trail & service map of the Koli area (Kolin retkeily- ja palvelukartta), which came out in the early summer. The map is on sale at the Koli area service points, at least the Visitor Centre Ukko, the Koli Shop Retkitupa, Break Sokos Hotel Koli, and the Koli tourist information point in the village of Koli. The price is 7 euros.

8. Can I get to the area by public transport?

A recommended way of using public transport is to order a ridesharing taxi. Those taxis run daily between Joensuu and Koli (2-3 runs a day). From Joensuu to Lieksa and Juuka, the ridesharing taxi runs once a week. To use a ridesharing taxi, you must pre-order it, and it will then pick you up at the market place, the railway station (with the bus station next door), or the airport. The trip takes about an hour.  Find the timetables, prices, and booking instructions on the pages of