How to get to Koli

Train/plane to Joensuu, carpool to Koli

You can get to Koli in your own car or by carpooling from Joensuu. The nearest airport is in Joensuu, from where you can get to Koli by car or public transport in one hour. There is also a trainstation in Joensuu.

Carpool to Koli from January 1, 2021

A pre-ordered, door-to-door shared taxi is available for the route Joensuu–Koli. The route of the shared taxi is determined by the pre-orders, which is why all timetable times are estimates. The taxi will go to Joensuu airport and train station, or for example the central hospital if ordered, and then take the passengers to their destination at Koli. You can hop in the taxi along the route as well. A shared taxi must be booked no later than 6 pm the day before on tel. +358 207 414 392. Bookings will also be accepted on the same day if there are other bookings.

Timetables Joensuu – Koli: Every day (Mon – Sun) at 11.50 am. Also on Friday and Sunday at 6 pm.

Timetables Koli – Joensuu: Every day (Mon – Sun) at 10.40 am. Also on Friday and Sunday at 4:40 pm.


70 € / booking, includes a trip for 1–2 people

105 € / booking, includes a trip for 3–4 people

140 € / booking, includes a trip for 5–6 people

175 € / booking, includes a trip for 7–8 people

Normal taxi prices between Joensuu and Koli

Book your transportation in advance so the driver and the car will meet you at Joensuu airport or train station, for example.

1–4 persons by taxi 140 €
5–8 persons by taxi 175 €
9–19 persons by bus 210 €
20–29 persons by bus 245 €
30–58 persons by bus 280 €

Kolin taksipalvelu Oy,, +358 207 414 391,

Ski & Spa bus between Joensuu and Koli

On Saturdays and Sundays starting from Jan 2, 2021 to the end of ski season.

 Time  Bus stop
  8:40  ABC Marjala
 S-Market Noljakka
 Torikatu 20 / Original Sokos Hotel Vaakuna
 Railway Station, bus stop 5
 S-Market Jukolanportti
 S-Market Lehmo
 S-Market Kontiolahti
 Ukko-Koli slopes, lower station
 Break Sokos Hotel Koli


10 € to one direction, return fee 20 €.

The bus goes around all stops on schedule, larger groups can book and secure place on the bus by calling +358 207 414 392.

Train to Joensuu - carpool to Koli

At best, the train from Helsinki to Joensuu makes the journey in just over four hours. At the Joensuu station, you can hop into a shared taxi twice a day at noon and 6 p.m. You can find the train timetables on VR’s web pages. Please remember that the train can also take you right next to Koli to the Vuonislahti village east of lake Pielinen. When the ice road between Koli and Vuonislahti is in use during winter, the taxi ride from Vuonislahti station to Koli village is about 10 kilometres long.

Local traffic at Koli

The Koli local traffic service will take you from your accommodation to other services. You can order a ride by dialling +358 20 741 4392 on the previous day, or no later than two hours before the shift begins. The travel time is 10 to 20 minutes, with stops at Koli Freetime, Kolinportti, Koli village, Ukko-Koli, the port, and Loma-Koli. The local traffic service is part of the Joensuu-Koli shared taxi service. This means that local traffic timetables can be affected by e.g. planes or trains arriving late in Joensuu.

Starting from 1st January 2020, the price is 32 €/person.

Standby taxi service at Koli 

tel. +358 20 741 4390,

Hydrofoil ship from Lieksa and Vuonislahti

The hydrofoil Suviexpress takes off on a sightseeing and passenger trip between Koli, Vuonislahti, and Lieksa from June 16 to August 9, 2020 from Tuesdays to Sundays. The ship has seats for 51 passengers. The trips are sailed via Vuonislahti, and the travel time between the main ports is about one hour. In the afternoons, you can take the ship on an archipelago cruise and see the Koli landscape from lake Pielinen at 2.30 pm and from Vuonislahti 12.30 pm. See timetables and prices here. Your bicycle can be brought on board for free by booking in advance.

Train connection from Vuonislahti to Lieksa at 12.52 pm.
Train connection from Joensuu to Vuonislahti at 12.52 pm.
Train connection from Vuonislahti to Joensuu at 4.46 pm.

By plane to Joensuu or Kuopio

The closest airports to Koli are in Joensuu and Kuopio. You can catch several flights every day from Helsinki to Joensuu and Kuopio. Flight time from Helsinki to both destinations is about one hour. The easiest way to get to Koli from the Joensuu airport is carpooling or a charter taxi, where the driver will come to pick you up at the airport with a sign that reads Koli. The easiest way to get to Koli from the Joensuu airport is carpooling. You can also rent a car at the airport. Car rentals at the Joensuu airport and the Kuopio airport.

Show your Kli

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