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Edea Koli – Unique Holistic Spa Experiences

Edea Koli, a beauty and massage salon located in Break Sokos Hotel Koli at the heart of the magnificent Koli landscape, specialises in unique spa and beauty experiences. Treat yourself to Edea Koli’s own, registered Edeaelämys®-treatments in which you experience the sounds, ingredients, and fragrances of the surrounding nature. The soothing sound landscape at the salon is created by Forest path, a melody composed to compliment the treatments. In the products used in the salon, vital ingredients are natural oils, especially designed and developed for spa treatments. To complete the holistic experience, natural fragrances create the scent landscape at the salon.
In addition to the Edeaelämys® treatments, you can choose from a variety of beauty and massage treatments and VoiceWell® treatments, a therapy to relieve tension of the jaw, neck and facial muscles. At the couples treatment room, you can relax together with your partner or a friend, enjoying the pampering treatments together!
Step into Edea Koli. Feel the nature.

Elämyshoitola Edea Koli, Ylä-Kolintie 39, 83960 Koli,, p. +358 503 611 991,

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