Well-being from nature

Nature gives the most

In nature, we pay attention to the stimuli, scents, colors and natural sounds of nature. Time for a quick hike on a nature trip and a look at the woods, hills and beaches is the best: in the middle of nature, you get relaxed.

With your group, you can take a guided break from your everyday life and order a Koli trip for a laugh, singing or forest yoga-focused excursion - we recommend!

Singing, laughter and well-being in nature
Themed Feel Koli nature tours

On the Bouquet of Songs tour your singer-guide leads your group to the hills of Koli into a peaceful place. There, surrounded by the most loved Finnish national landscape, you listen to Finnish folk songs and ballads – an unforgettable experience. On the Nature – A Source of Well-being tour you slow down to feel the nature. Sensory enhancing activities on the tour give you a personal and profound experience and deepen your personal connection with the nature. On the Laugh and Relax in the Nature tour you do laughing and breathing exercises which are relaxing and invigorating. The pure, clean nature and air reinforce the benefits of laughter. Find out more on Feel Koli web pages.

Sauna and Forest Yoga
Wellbeing services of Koli Oasis (Kolin Keidas)

Forest Yoga takes your group to the Koli cliffs inside the forest. The group walks through the Koli peaks of the guided tour and sometimes stops for a pleasant stretch at the root of the tree or next to a rock wall. Finally, the group will do a soft practice based on Hatha Yoga while enjoying the breeze of the wind, the singing of birds and the scent of the forest. Read more about the services at Koli Oasis website.

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