In Koli summer invites you to nature

Many reasons to get going

In the summer you can enjoy the wide scenery and islands of the lake Pielinen as well as rafting in the Ruunaa hiking area. Sheep, horses and cows are roaming in the pasture along hiking trails in Koli National Park.

Summer in Koli is a cultural summer! The Lieksa Brass Week, Monola Festival, Koli Outdoor Activity Week and Pielinen Soi Festival will give you memories and joy even after the holiday season.

Cruises on Lake Pielinen

M/Y Elektra, a 11-seater boat, takes you on scenic cruises among the islands of Koli National Park. Elektra also runs in summer, from June 10 to August 21 from Wednesday to Monday between Koli, Kelvänsaari and Vuonislahti. In the planning of the timetable for the ship, the train connections were taken into consideration making it possible to combine train and ship when visiting Koli National Park. Visitors can now easily reach the versatile Koli.

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The high hills of the Koli National Park and the islands of Lake Pielinen include one of the most diverse nature reserves in Finland. In addition to the majestic landscapes, the hiker encounters old forests, cliffs, marshes, streams, sandy beaches, islands and the meadows blooming in early summer. The Koli National Park and its approximately 80 kilometers of hiking trails and well-maintained fireplaces, lean-tos and lodgings all attract hikers from Finland and abroad.

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Guided Nature Tours

You can also take a guided tour if you wish. With a knowledgeable guide, it's easy to relax, get excited, learn and enjoy more.

We are proud of our imaginative and knowledgeable colleagues that organize guided nature tours in Koli. Guided tours are provided by Feel Koli, Koli Active Oy and Pielisen Retki.

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Lake Pielinen, the fourth largest lake in Finland, is a wilderness destination and an obvious destination for fishermen. Natural strains of Pielinen include perch, pike-perch, pike, whitefish and grayling. Planted species include lake salmon, lake trout and arctic char. Another famous destination is Ruunaa, which is popular among rapids fishermen. Expert guides are available for both destinations.

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Canoeing and boating

Lake Pielinen is a versatile source of summer fun that can be captured on your own rowing, canoeing or Stand Up Paddle Boarding, or on a guided water trip. Ruunaa rapids and the Jongunjoki or Patvinsuo rivers closer to the eastern border are top destinations for river and rapids paddlers.

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You can plan day trips in the Koli area with the Koli cycling map. You can rent traditional bikes and electric bikes from our rental companies. You can ask for a printed cycling map at Koli Tourist Information and other service points in the area. Koli is part of the 250 km Pielinen Tour, which traverses the fourth largest lake in Finland, Lake Pielinen, mainly along the peaceful sandy roads of the countryside.

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Trail running and orienteering

Koli is a great destination for orienteering and trail runners. The area is like made for exercise and recreation in nature. The diverse terrain and extensive trail network attract more and more people to the running trails. There are two tracks with fixed orienteering control points in the area, one at Loma-Koli and one at Kopravaara close to Koli Freetime.

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You can go horseback riding to our Icelandic horse farms all year round. Guided horseback rides can also be taken by an inexperienced or first-time rider. Peaceful Icelandic horses are easy rides, and excursions are planned and executed according to the level of the participants. Small children also have the opportunity to leash.

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Granny Leskelä’s Paddock

Granny Leskelä’s Paddock offers families and groups an opportunity of spending an easy and laid-back day, getting acquainted with farm animals in a traditional Finnish farmyard. A little farmyard zoo and Granny’s Summer Café.

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Cave Adventure

The longest cave in Finland invites adventurers to a 260-meter-long cave. For example, Koli Active Oy takes groups and people searching their boundaries for guided cave tours that last about an hour. The journey proceeds partly by crawling. The route and duration of the cave adventure are modified according to the group.

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Ukko-Koli lifts

The Scenic Lift on Ukko-Koli offers lush green landscapes and stunning views on the Lake Pielinen. The lift will bring you to the upper yard, to Koli Nature Centre Ukko and Break Sokos Hotel Koli, from where it is a few hundred meters up to the highest peak of Ukko-Koli to admire Finland's most beloved national landscape. There is also another lift, a rare in Finland rail lift.


Frisbeegolf and miniature golf

There are three courses available for frisbee golfers in Koli: Koli slopes (18 baskets),  Koli Freetime (6 baskets) and Koli village centre (5) and two in Lieksa (7 and 18 baskets).

You can play miniature golf on the Koli village centre track (12 holes) or at the Hattusaaren Rantamajat (9 holes) in Hattusaari, 16 km from the center of Koli village, surrounded by Lake Pielinen.

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Wildlife observing

Interested in watching the wolverine, the bears, the wolves, or the wild eagles up close? Watching and photographing wildlife attracts hundreds of animal observers and photographers to visit Erä-Eero photography booths in southern Lieksa.

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Whitewater Rafting in Ruunaa

Excitement and thrill in the whitewaters of Ruunaa!

In the whitewater rapids you can experience the charm of speed and the power of running water! The rafting season begins for group bookings in May and lasts well into October. During the high summer season (mid-June to mid-August) there are daily departures on both traditional wooden boats and inflatables. The rafting trips of Ruunaan Matkailu can be taken with or without lunch. Remember to book in advance for all excursions!

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