Canoeing and boating

Finnish summer is made for boating and canoeing

Kolia ympäröivä laaja Pielinen on monipuolinen kesäilojen lähde, jota voit valloittaa omalla soutu-, melonta- tai suppailuretkellä tai opastetulla ja huolletulla vesiretkellä. Ruunaan kosket ja Jongunjoen tai Patvinsuon jokireitit lähempänä itärajaa ovat joki- ja koskimelojan huippukohteita.

Rental equipment

In Koli, canoes, kayaks and SUP boards are rented by Koli Activ Oy at the Koli harbor, and canoes at VisitKoli in Merilänranta. At the northern end of Pielinen.

The sandy islands rising from Pielinen and the narrow archipelago stretching south from it are an attractive destination in calm weather. The islands have more campgrounds and a lovely white sand beach for beach life.

Please note that the regulations of the Koli National Park prohibit movement on islets smaller than one hectare from 15 May to 17 July for nesting peace of waterfowl. You can find more information on Koli's boat and canoeing destinations and trails at

The extensive Pielinen is a versatile source of summer fun that can be captured by rowing, canoeing or racing trip on your own, or on a guided trip. The Ruunaa white waters and the Jongunjoki or Patvinsuo river routes closer to the eastern border are the top destinations for tours on the river and rapids shooting.

Opastettuja melontaretkiä

Kolin satamasta opastettuja 2-4 tunnin melontaretkiä järjestää Koli Activ Oy. Retkillä paneudutaan ryhmän mukaan melontatekniikan opetteluun, joten myös ensikertalaiset ovat tervetulleita. Erä-Eero järjestää melontaretkiä Lieksassa Patvinsuon kansallispuiston läheisyydessä.

Guided picnic excursions to Hiekkasaari on Thurdays during 27.6.-8.8.2019.

Advance booking at the Ukko Visitor centre is required. There are places for 10 people. The departure is from Koli harbour (Rantatie 12) 2 pm, the return to the harbour is about 5 pm.

Price 20 €/adults, children 4-12 years old/10 € children, under 4 years old for free.

We recommend you to take own packed meals and a swimming suit! Metsähallitus serves campfire coffee. Further information: Ukko Visitor centre, Ylä-Kolintie 39, Koli. Tel. +358 206 395 654 or email: ukko(at) Or if necessary additional tours and order driving from Eino Nuutinen tel. +358 40 776 3435. Facebook: Kolin kansallispuisto. The departure: Koli harbour (Rantatie 12)

Wood boat transporting Koli-Vuonislahti

During the summer 2019 on order. From Vuonislahti harbouror from Koli harbour (Rantatie 12). The distance between the harbours is 10 km (14 km between Koli and Paateri) and it takes about 50 min to cross the lake. In addition to the boat trip, you can also order a snack by campfire on an island or a lunch. The boat transportations are performed with safe wooden boats. The price includes rain capes and safety equipment. The skippers are qualified and experienced. The trip might be cancelled due to bad weather! In case of a sudden storm, the return journey will be made by taxi or by bus.

More information and bookings:, tel. +358 40 017 0225., Facebook: Vuonislife

Uudet tankkauspisteet palvelevat veneilijöitä Kolilla, Lieksassa ja Nurmeksen Bomban satamassa.

Venetankkausasema Lieksa 24h korttiautomaatti, Braheantie 14, 81700 LIEKSA (Lieksan satama)
Polttonestelaadut: 98E5 ja Diesel. S-Bonusta tankkauksesta.

Venetankkausasema Koli 24h korttiautomaatti, Rantatie 12, 83960 KOLI (Kolin kalasatama)
Polttonestelaadut: 98E5 ja Diesel. S-Bonusta tankkauksesta.

Venetankkausasema Nurmes 24h korttiautomaatti, Tuulentie 10, 75500 NURMES (Bomban satama)
Polttonestelaadut: 98E5 ja Diesel. S-Bonusta tankkauksesta. www.nurmes.f

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