Canoeing and boating

Finnish summer is made for boating and canoeing

The extensive Pielinen surrounding Koli is a versatile source of summer fun, which you can capture on your own rowing, kayaking or Stand Up Paddle Boards trip, or on a guided water trip. The Ruunaa rapids and the Jongunjoki or Patvinsuo river routes closer to the eastern border are the top destinations for river and rapids paddling enthusiasts.

Rental equipment

At Koli, canoes, kayaks and SUP boards are rented by Koli Active Oy at Koli harbour, and kayaks, SUPs, boats (also with motors) by VisitKoli in Merilänranta, Koli Camping Merilänranta. At Koli, Kalastusretket/Fishing Trips hires a motorboat Pioner 11.5 with a 40 hp engine. The boat is equipped according to the standards required by law and there is also a chartplotter. The boat is registered for maximum five persons. For fishing and for kayaking you can also hire sit-on-top kayaks. There are six single kayaks and two double kayaks for hire. Seikkailyhtiö Vaara rents SUPS and packrafts at Koli village.

The sandy islands rising from Pielinen and the narrow archipelago stretching south from it are an attractive destination in calm weather. The islands have more campgrounds and a lovely white sand beach for beach life.

Please note that the regulations of the Koli National Park prohibit movement on islets smaller than one hectare from 15 May to 17 July for nesting peace of waterfowl. You can find more information on Koli's boat and canoeing destinations and trails at

The extensive Pielinen is a versatile source of summer fun that can be captured by rowing, canoeing or racing trip on your own, or on a guided trip. The Ruunaa white waters and the Jongunjoki or Patvinsuo river routes closer to the eastern border are the top destinations for tours on the river and rapids shooting.

Guided paddling tours

Guided 2–4 hour kayaking tours from Koli harbour are organized by Koli Active Oy. According to the group, the excursions may focus on learning kayaking techniques, so first-timers are also welcome. Erä-Eero organizes canoeing trips in Lieksa near Patvinsuo National Park.

Guided boat trips or kayaking with the company Kalastusretket

Boat trips

Would you like to enjoy a summer day on the waters of Lake Pielinen or visit the islands of Koli National Park? Or how about a picnic trip to Hiekkasaari Island? From Koli Harbour, Kalastusretket organises boat trips on Lake Pielinen. Maximum capacity on the open boat is four customers. The skipper of your boat has a rental boat driver’s certificate, and he can also cook for you on the islands.


Kalastusretket organises kayaking trips on Lake Pielinen and other local waters. On request, kayaks and customers can be transported to their desired location. Kayaks are stable Sit-On-Top kayaks, which are well suitable for beginners, too. At the beginning of the trip, your kayaking instructor explains how to manoeuvre the kayak and gives safety instructions.

Kalastusretket/Fishing Trips, Ylä-Kolintie 39, Koli, p. +358 440 101 143,,

The new refueling points will serve boaters in Koli, Lieksa and the harbour of Bomba in Nurmes

Boat refueling station Lieksa 24h card machine, Braheantie 14, 81700 LIEKSA (Harbour of Lieksa)
Fuel grades: 98E5 and Diesel.

Boat refueling station Koli 24h card machine, Rantatie 12, 83960 KOLI (Koli fishing harbour)
Fuel grades: 98E5 and Diesel.

Boat refueling station Nurmes 24h card machine, Tuulentie 10, 75500 NURMES (Port of Bomb)
Fuel grades: 98E5 and Diesel. www.nurmes.f

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