Cruises on the Lake Pielinen

Enjoy the national landscape in the waters


Archipelago cruises in Vuonislahti

Tue–Sun at 12.30 pm.
Family tickets, please ask the staff.
Departure from Vuonislahti Harbour, addressTolkintie,Vuonislahti.

Archipelago cruises in the National Landscape in Koli

Tue–Sun at 2.30 pm.
Adult 25 €, children (4–12 years) 10 €
Departure from Koli Harbour, address Rantatie 12, Koli.

Family tickets, please ask the staff.



Cruises from Koli, Vuonislahti and Lieksa. Hydrofoil SuviExpress runs landscape tours between Vuonislahti and Koli harbours once a day from June 16th to August 9th. It runs between Lieksa, Vuonislahti and Koli, the estimated time is about one hour for the journey. In the afternoons SuviExpress takes you to a landscape cruise on the lake Pielinen either from Vuonilahti or from Koli. On other times, cruises on order. Seats for 51 persons. Bicycles are free of fare.

Lieksa 10.30 am - arrives in Vuonislahti 11 am

Vuonislahti 11 am - arrives in Koli 11.20 am

Koli 12 am - arrives in Vuonislahti 12.20 pm

Vuonislahti 2 pm  - arrives in Koli 2.20 pm

Koli 3.45 pm  - arrives in Vuonislahti 4.15 pm

Vuonislahti 4.15 pm  - arrives in Lieksa 5 pm


Route traffic: Lieksa-Vuonislahti-Koli / Koli-Vuonislahti-Lieksa

Lieksa 10.30 am - Vuonislahti 11 am
Vuonislahti 11 am - Koli 11:20 am
Koli 12 noon - Vuonislahti 12:20 pm  Train connection to Lieksa at 12:52 pm.

Vuonislahti 2 pm - Koli 2:20 pm. Train connection from Joensuu at 12:52 pm
Koli 3:45 pm - Vuonislahti 4:15 pm. Train connection from Vuonislahti to Joensuu at 4:46 pm.
arrives in Lieksa appr. 5 pm.

Book you're tickets on line.

Tickets from Lieksa or family tickets, please ask the staff.

More information and bookings to the hydrofoil

Koli Tourist Information, tel. +358 451 387 429, info(at) or SuviExpress, tel. +358 400 788 106 and shipowner, tel. +358 400 788 142, aarne.ilves(at)

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