Granny Leskelä’s Paddock

Get acquainted with farm animals in a traditional Finnish farmyard

Would you like to spend a day as a guest at Granny’s? You get to groom a sweet little pony or a big Finnhorse! Would you dare to peek into a hen nest to see if there are eggs? And how about a ride in a little pony-drawn cart? At Granny’s farmhouse you eat real home-cooked food, and for a treat you get pancakes with wild-berry jam...

Granny Leskelä’s Paddock offers families and groups an opportunity of spending an easy and laid-back day, getting acquainted with farm animals in a traditional Finnish farmyard. A little farmyard zoo and Granny’s Summer Café.

Day in the countryside -package

Welcome to the countryside as a grandma's guest! Day in the countryside -packages will let you spend a day with traditional Finnish country style. You have an opportunity to participate in taking care of the farm animals and dine homemade lunch in grandma's cottage. The youngest visitors can also try pony riding or riding with a leading rein.

The dining alternatives are:

    Grandma's meatballs with potato smash and green salad.
    Grandma's salmon-pepper-sauce with boiled potatoes and green salad.

Both alternatives include fresh bread and milk/butter milk/juice as a drink. In addition, all the alternatives include coffee/tea/juice and dessert is grandma's delicious pancake with berry jam and whipped cream.

All the foods are lactose free. Unfortunately, we don't take any other special diets into account.

Price of the package: 65 € adults and children over 15 years, 45 € children 15 years and under.  Maximum group size is 5 person. The package lasts approximately 3 hours with dining. The package must be booked and paid at least a 7 days before. We'll send you payment instructions after you have made the reservation. The payment will be paid back if the booked day will cancel because of us.

More information: Leskelä Grandma's Horse Farm, Leskeläntie 49 83900 Juuka, phone: +358 50 324 4729,

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