Fishing at Koli

Wide possibilities for fishing on Lake Pielinen and the white waters of Ruunaa

Koli is situated on the shores of Lake Pielinen, 90 000 hectares of fishing dreams come true. Among others, there are salmon, zander, perch, pike, bream and vendace. Hook-and-line fishing are included in what are called ‘everyman’s rights’, and involve no payments or licences; but there are restrictions on where these rights apply. In the winter time ice-fishing is very popular, and there are no licences needed for hook-and-line angling. Read more about Pielinen Finnish Federation for Recreational Fishing

Guided fishing trips on Lake Pielinen

If you need help or tips on secrets of Lake Pielinen, you can go to a guided fishing trip. Guide knows the district and recommends suitable places. If you want, he can give you fishing tips too.
Guided fishingtrips in Koli: Kalastusretket.

Through the company Kalastusretket (in English Fishing Trips), you can book an unforgettable fishing trip on Lake Pielinen and other near-by lakes. The fishing trips are done on a motorboat and on fishing kayaks. The motor boat on Lake Pielinen is an open boat, so you can catch fish by casting, jigging, or trolling. Pike, pikeperch, and perch are among the fish species you can catch. On the fishing kayaks you can also use casting, jigging, and trolling techniques. In total, there are kayaks for 10 persons, so even a larger group can fish at the same time. Fishing on kayaks is active fishing: you hear and feel the surrounding nature in a totally different manner than if you were fishing on a motorboat. With kayaks, you can also go fishing on smaller waters, such as on rivers and ponds. Among the activities are also fishing trips on a private pike fishing lake, Lake Musta Mäntyjärvi near Patvinsuo National Park. Groups can rent the entire lake for private fishing. The guide of Kalastusretket has fishing guide, canoe and kayak instructor, and rental boat driver certificates.

Kalastusretket, Ylä-Kolintie 39, Koli, p. +358 440 101 143,,

Fishing on the white waters of Ruunaa

The famous Ruunaa white waters in the eastern part of Lieksa are suitable for both active fishing enthusiasts and trainees. Catches of rainbow trout and lake trout are regularly planted in the Ruuna hiking area. The Lieksanjoki River, which flows through the hiking area, also has a small wild trout and grayling population.

Guided fishing trips to Ruunaa white waters are made by Ruunaan Matkailu.

Fishing licences

For other types of fishing such as use of lures, flies, nets and so on, a licence is necessary. It’s best to ask locally about the current regulations, and ask about exceptions if you’re under 18 years or over 65. The nationwide fishing management fee costs € 45 per year, € 15 per week or € 6/day. In addition you need a local fishing permit. The nationwide fee can be purchased on the Internet, more detailed information at

Fishing permits for Lake Pielinen can be purchased from:  Sale Koli, tel. +358 (0)10 762 3300 (only area-specific fishing permits, no state fishing permits) , ABC service station, Nurmes tel. +358 (0)10 763 7562, Konesola, Kirkkokatu 16, Nurmes tel. +358 13 480 180.

Villa for fishermen

The 114-square-meter KoliCarelia villas in Hattusaari, surrounded by Pielinen throughout, are popular with fishing enthusiasts. You can get fishing permits for nets, snare and trolling in the Hattusaari fishing area in advance, and you can rent a motorboat with a 4hp four-stroke machine or bring your own boat. A larger trolling boat can be dropped from the concrete slab on the Hattusaari Bridge. All villas have their own beach and beach sauna. More information:

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