Guided excursions

Guide gives you more

Help with the local guide you can go to trip without big preliminaries. Guides job is taking care of safeness and offer experience according to client wishes. With capable guide is easy to get excited, learn and enjoy target more.

We are proud our inventive and competent company's who organize guided nature tours. Guided tours offer Feel Koli, Koli Active Oy and Pielisen Retki. You can get to know our company's offer's in internet, or take contact straight if you need guided tours for groups.

Feel Koli -nature tours

Feel Koli unhurried nature tours in all seasons. Guaranteed departures in peak seasons, weekly activities all year round. For groups, tailored tours and other activities. Nature walks, hikes and excursions, snow shoe tours with emphasis in the nature, culture and history of Koli. On your unhurried Feel Koli nature tours, you can truly experience Koli by slowing down and connecting with the nature. All our excursions, tours, and walks are based in the rich local history and culture and the unique nature of Koli. In peak seasons we have guaranteed departures for individual travellers. Our weekly activities take you where nature is as its best: in spring it could be the forest full of bird songs, in summer meadows and their beautiful flowers and in winter the quiet snowy forest. For groups big and small we tailor tours all year round.

Ilovoltti Ltd is the company behind Feel Koli nature tours. We have over twenty years of experience in nature related activities in the Koli area.
Welcome to unique Feel Koli nature tours!

Contact information:
+ 358 400 231 332,,

Koli Active Oy

How about a hike in Finland’s best known national landscapes, canoeing, boating and Stand Up Paddling on Lake Pielinen, a cave adventure in what is probably Finland’s longest network of caves, or a cycling tour on Koli gravel roads? In winter Koli Active organizes ATV - and snowmobile safaris. This is what an activity-filled summer and winter by Koli Active is made of.

Contact information: Rantatie 12, 83960 Koli, tel. +358 400 857 557,,

Pielisen Retki

Pielisen Retki makes day and night trips in the national parks of Koli, Tiilikka and Hiidenportti, among others. The hiking philosophy is based on ecological movement in nature with one's own muscle power. This is how we ensure that our beautiful nature stays as clean as possible. Examples of excursions:

OVERNIGHT EXCURSION, MAY-OCTOBER. Duration one night, departure in the afternoon to the destination, setting up accommodation, picking berries and mushrooms from the wild (autumn). Includes: food on the trip, guide services, insurance and, if necessary, equipment. Accommodation: shed, tent or hammock. Number of participants 3–10 people.

SPEND A DAY ON THE ISLAND OF PIELINEN. Duration 4–6 h, includes: boat transport, food, guide services, exploring Pielinen and its island on foot and by boat. Explore the terrain and pick berries and mushrooms in the autumn. Number of participants 3–10 people.

Pielisen Retki, Karjalankatu 4 (courtyard), 75500 Nurmes (from May 1), tel. +358 443 779 334,,

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