Theatre in Koli!

Häämatka - Honeymoon summer 2019

Set in the beginning of 20th century Koli, the play tells the story of a honeymoon trip of a gifted and passionate actor Urho and his wife Minna. Accompanying them on the trip is the actor’s best friend, pianist-composer Oskar. Inspired by Karelianism, the travelers wish to visit North Karelia and find new sources of inspiration. Minna expects care, tenderness and love from Urho, but instead Urho spends his time wandering in the nature, on boat trips to lake Pielinen, going to sauna, and practicing his new role. For the artists from Southern Finland, meeting the locals, Koli’s Ukko and milkmaid Annikki and experiencing all the cultural differences is a trip to the roots of Finnish identity.

Honeymoon is a tragicomedic play, with events cascading forward and emotions changing rapidly. The first steps of independent Finland cause powerful emotions and the need to create an identity for the nation threaten the honeymoon and love.

Music for the play is created and played live. The show is performed at Koli Culture Centre Ukko’s auditorium. The play is subtitled in English and German. Director and playwriter Lauri Jänis works as the Artistic Director of the play and Joonas Nuutinen as the musical composer.


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