Trail running and orienteering

Koli is made for work out

More and more keep-fit enthusiasts are starting out on forest trails. While running on the trails, the connection to nature is strongly present. With the popularity of trail running, the landscape of Koli has attracted more and more runners in recent years.

The Koli National Park's 80-kilometer hiking trails as well as other trails in the region are very versatile. The Herajärvi Hiking Trail, which is about 60 kilometers long, runs 30 kilometers from the south end and 35 kilometers from the north end and traverses the terrain in and around Koli National Park. A customized version of the route is available at the Marathon of Dangers in October, which is a pioneer in Finnish trail running events.

In addition to Koli's most famous areas, Käränkävaara and Rintasenvaara in the direction of Loma-Koli as well as Kaiskunniemi near Hattusaari are great places for trail runners.

During warm water period in Koli National Park, you can take in the swim & run hike through the esker islands that emerge from Pielinen. Nine kilometers of the island's 12-kilometer-long route are passed by hiking and the rest of the distance by swimming between islands.

The variable terrain of Koli offers great possibilities for orienteering. There is a permanent courses in the areas of Loma-Koli. Orienteering maps for Loma-Koli area are available at Tourist Information (Ylä-Kolintie 2) and in Koli Nature Centre Ukko (Ylä-Kolintie 39).

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