Experiences on snow and ice

The best in Koli is the nature

The longest and with the greatest difference in altitude ski slopes in southern Finland, the  most beautiful skiing events and cross-country skiing trails in Finland and the packed snow-lined scenery every winter make Koli an idyllic winter destination. Koli slopes are facing towards the east and the north, so skiing is possible into the late spring.

The cross-country ski season opens earlier in the region at Koli's First snow skiing track or at the neighbouring Kontiolahti Biathlon Stadium's artificial snow tracks.

Cross-country skiing

The Koli area offers diverse skiing opportunities. You can choose from a few kilometers of trails to 25 kilometers of illuminated trails. There are skiing tracks for beginners as well as very demanding skiing tracks.

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Downhill skiing

Ukko-Koli Ski Resort is located next to Koli National Park. You will experience the most challenging slopes in southern Finland and fun for the whole family.

The Ukko-Koli slope area has a total of seven versatile slopes and four ski lifts.

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Koli offers excellent possibilities for snowshoeing. Because of the height differences, the thick snow cover and the hilly landscapes and often the trees covered with packed snow, Koli is a great place for snowshoeing.

Snowshoeing is one of Koli's most popular winter activities. Corporate clients are also welcome. About 100 people can go snowshoeing at the same time. Hire snowshoes and poles at the equipment rentals in Koli.

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Guided excursions

With the help of a local guide, you can start your excursion without much preparation. The guide's mission is to provide a safe and adventurous excursion according to the customer's wishes. With a knowledgeable guide, it's easy to relax, get excited, learn and enjoy more.

We are proud of our skilled companies organizing guided nature tours in Koli. Guided tours are provided by Seikkailuyhtiö Vaara, Finland Naturally Experiences, Kalastusretket Joensuu and Polar Adventures.

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Husky safaris

Visitors can go on husky sledge rides with a guide in Merilänranta in Loma-koli at the Koli end of the ice road across Lake Pielinen. The route is roughly one kilometre long. Before heading into the wilderness, visitors will be introduced to the dogs.

Longer, several-hour dog sledge rides are subject to order.

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The longest in Europe ice road

When the weather conditions allow, the longest official ice road in Europe's inland waterways is open in mid-winter and it is a stunning experience! Authorities open the road for road traffic when the steel ice is at least 40 cm thick. Over a distance of about 7 km, up to more than 500 vehicles have crossed the lake in a day. The ice road shortens the drive from Koli village to the centre of Lieksa by 51 kilometers. Therefore, this experience is also a favorite of the local people!

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You can go horseback riding to our Icelandic horses all year round. Guided horseback rides can also be taken by an inexperienced or first-time rider. Peaceful Icelandic horses are easy rides, and excursions are planned and executed according to the level of the participants. Small children also have the opportunity to leash.

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Wildlife observing

Interested in watching the wolverine, the bears, the wolves, or the wild eagles up close? Watching and photographing wildlife attracts hundreds of animal observers and photographers to visit Erä-Eero photography booths in southern Lieksa.

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You can go for a ride on your own sled or take part in a sledge safari organized by Ruunaan Matkailu in Ruunaa with your own group.

When you go on a guided snowmobile safari, the package includes guide services, equipment rental (racing suit, boots, gloves, helmet), fuel / oils, and a trail license.

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Cave Adventure

The longest cave in Finland invites adventurers to a 260-meter-long cave. For example, Koli Active Oy takes groups and people searching their boundaries for guided cave tours that last about an hour. The journey proceeds partly by crawling. The route and duration of the cave adventure are modified according to the group.

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Tour skating

There is a skating route next to the Vuonislahti–Koli ice road. The route is seven kilometers in one direction. The skating route is kept open whenever the weather permits, as long as the ice road is open for traffic. The track is maintained after a snowstorm, for example, as soon as the ice road is opened.

Benches for changing skates have been arranged for customers at both Vuonislahti and Koli. Similarly, about halfway the route there is a bench, where you can take a cookie break.

Motor vehicles are not allowed on the skating route.

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Winter Fishing

In addition to the Finnish tradition of winter fishing of perch, you can go fishing for salmon in Koli. Guided winter fishing trips are enjoyable with your own group. For independent anglers, Koli offers the large Lake Pielinen and many smaller lakes and ponds.

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Ice hole swimming in Koli

A refreshing dip in an icy water? If you are an avid swimmer or want to try the bliss of hanging out in the ice hole, you will find an illuminated ice hole at Koli Freetime. Guests staying at the property have public sauna shifts and ice hole swimming included in the price of the accommodation. The women's sauna is open daily from 6 pm to 7 pm, for men from 7 pm to 8 pm.

Bring your own towel, swimsuit and other accessories such as footwear, gloves and headgear.

You can also rent Koli Freetime's sauna facilities to your group throughout the year.

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