Equipment Rental

Equipment can also be found on site

At Koli equipment rental you will find hobby equipment for winter, water, hiking trails and bike rides. Below are our rental equipment for winter activities.

downhill skiing and snowboarding

From Koli's ski slopes equipment rental you can rent skis, snowboards, helmets and ski boots. Under 12-year old snowboard and ski renters get a free helmet. You can find the equpment rental at koli ski slopes.

cross-country skis, snowshoes, sliding snowshoes, fatbikes

Snowshoes can be rented on the top of Koli at Kahvila Eväsetket (in Koli Nature Centre Ukko, on the yard of Break Sokos Hotel Koli). Rentals available during the opening hours of the cafe. Reservations also by calling tel. tel. 358 50 554 9400.

Seikkailuyhtiö Vaara rents snowshoes, sliding snowshoes, Fatbikes, e-ikes Ilahuboard's Snowsurfs, Ambition Snowskates. Bike also for children. Guided snowshoe and sliding snowshoe tours. Reservations via webshop or by WhatsApp/calling tel. + 358 40 551 2131 or Rental location in in Koli village, Ylä-Kolintie 2 (back of the building).

Koli Active Oy rents snowshoes, sliding snowshoes, sledge (for skiing and carrying children) and fatbikes. Reservations through webshop or Tel +358 400 628 666 or +358 400 857 557. Koli Acive rental point is in Koli Harbour, restauranta Kolin Satamaravintola.

Koli Freetime rents cross country ski sets in Kopravaara at the end of the illuminated ski track.

Cross country skiing sets (classic style) can be rented at KoliSki downhill ski station (Rantatie 27, 83960 Koli, p. 010 762 3630,,


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