Equipment Rental

Equipment can also be found on site

At Koli equipment rental you will find hobby equipment for winter, water, hiking trails and bike rides. Below are our rental equipment for winter activities.

downhill skiing and snowboarding

From Koli's ski slopes equipment rental you can rent skis, snowboards, helmets and ski boots. Under 12-year old snowboard and ski renters get a free helmet. You can find the equpment rental at koli ski slopes.

cross-country skis, snow shoes and sliding snow shoes

Koli Shop Retkitupa in Koli Nature Centre Ukko rents snow shoes and Koli Harbour Restaurant rents them too. The harbour restaurant also rents cross country ski sets (skis, ski shoes, staffs).

Camping supplies

Koli Shop Retkitupa in Koli Nature Centre Ukko rents all kinds of  camping equipment. for example snow shoes, anti-skids, child carrier, sleeping bags, backpacks, hammocks, and thermos. Koli Harbour Restaurant rents snow shoes.

Ice fishing, kick sledding, snow curling

From Koli Harbour Restaurant, Rantatie 12, you can rent ice fishing equipment, snow curling-sets, Esla- and Kickspark- kick sleds and for going down a hill wuuuf- sliders, sledges and bobsleighs.

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