Guided excursions

Golden opportunities for excursions

Koli offers golden opportunities for excursions. You can find your own paths or follow a guide. Guided excursions are offered by Feel Koli and Koli Active Oy Ltd.

Feel Koli Nature Tours

Feel Koli unhurried nature tours in all seasons. Guaranteed departures in peak seasons, weekly activities all year round. For groups, tailored tours and other activities. Nature walks, hikes and excursions, snow shoe tours with emphasis in the nature, culture and history of Koli.

On your unhurried Feel Koli nature tours, you can truly experience Koli by slowing down and connecting with the nature. All our excursions, tours, and walks are based in the rich local history and culture and the unique nature of Koli. In peak seasons we have guaranteed departures for individual travellers. Our weekly activities take you where nature is as its best: in spring it could be the forest full of bird songs, in summer meadows and their beautiful flowers and in winter the quiet snowy forest. For groups big and small we tailor tours all year round. Our guides are local experts who are committed in giving you an authentic and unforgettable nature experience.

Ilovoltti Ltd is the company behind Feel Koli nature tours. We have over twenty years of experience in nature related activities in the Koli area. Besides Feel Koli nature tours, we run Koli Shop Retkitupa, a souvenir and outdoor equipment store located in the Nature Centre Ukko. Most of our tours depart from Koli Shop Retkitupa. In Retkitupa you can also get souvenirs and take a piece of Koli and Feel Koli nature tours with you!
Welcome to unique Feel Koli nature tours!

Contact information: Ylä-Kolintie 39, 83960 Koli, + 358 (0)400 231 332, info(at),

Koli ActivE Oy Ltd

Every winter is different. Still, every winter brings new experiences! Try snowshoeing, for example. For that, Koli terrain offers grand climbs and descents. You can polish your technique along the way.

For cross-country skiing, Koli offers 25 kilometres of illuminated trails. In the spring, when the ice trails and scenic trails have been opened, the trail network is extended, offering over 80 kilometres of trails at best. At Koli Activ you can rent a cross-country skiing package that includes everything. All it needs is the skier. You can also book a guide, whether you need technical guidance or a tour leader.

Kick-sledding is an activity where you use your own body as the motor. The ice cover on Lake Pielinen, 100 kilometres long and 30 kilometres wide, offers a wide open space for it. Just get up and go! Our guided kick-sledding excursions take us to the National Park islands, where we pause to admire the snowy landscape and enjoy sausages grilled on a campfire. Our activity-packed winters also include sledging, snowmobiling, and tour skating.

Contact information: Rantatie 12, 83960 Koli, tel. +358 400 857 557,,

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