Snow shoeing in Koli

Fascinated by snow

At Koli you’ll find snow-shoeing at its best! Using snowshoes you can walk even in deep snow, and see winter nature from a totally new viewpoint. Either individually or in a guided group, you can follow the marked snowshoe trails or the routes of the summer hiking trails. Guided snowshoe walks services Koli Active Oy Ltd and FeelKoli.

Snowshoes and poles equipment rentals provide FeelKoli and Koli Active Oy.

Snow-shoeing tracks in Koli

Koli Peaks Snowshoeing Trail, a 1.5 km circular trail

The Koli Peaks Snowshoeing Trail is a roughly 1.5 km long circular trail that is signposted with orange ribbons or red marks on trees. The trail can be hiked without a map. The Koli Peaks Snowshoeing Trail is designed for snowshoes only, and is good for beginners as well as more experienced hikers.

Maintained campfire sites are located in Vaaralanaho and Ikolanaho. Firewood can be purchased for the Prime Minister’s campfire site from Nature Centre Ukko.

More information: Koli Nature Centre Ukko, p. 020 639 5654,

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