Riding at Koli and Vuonislahti

Experience Koli from horseback


Koli offers magnificent riding scenery both in summer and winter at Koli and Vuonislahti. Icelandic Horses are small but sturdy, these gentle gaited horses can carry adults and children. For the very young there is halter-led riding, for the older and for riders with previous experience there are guided riding treks. Have you ever tried to "Tölt" on an Icelandic horse?

Kolin Paimentupa,
Kotaniementie 1, 83960 Koli, tel. +358 40 080 2709, info@paimentupa.fi, www.paimentupa.fi and Kuivalan talli, Vuonislahdentie 172, 81590 Vuonislahti, tel. +358 40 057 9113, +358 50 052 4734, www.kuivala.fi Vuonislahti.

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