Traditional food

The home of Karelian pies and baked foods

The Karelian food culture spread all over Finland when people displaced from the Finnish-Russian border area during the last wars resettled in other regions. Recently, when Finns were asked to vote for their favourite national food, they voted Karelian meat stew (karjalanpaisti) second favourite after the iconic Finnish rye bread. And Karelia pie was voted third favourite.

The Karelian food traditions include local fish and mushrooms as well as the use of ovens, preferably wood heated, to prepare slowly baked dishes. Traditions have been adapted to cater for the current tastes - often the local food is now referred to as the modern-day Karelian menu. Although the Karelian food traditions have been updated, one thing never changes: the food is always served with plenty of Karelian hospitality. 

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