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In Koli, Juuka, Vuonislahti and Lieksa

Restaurants and cafés in Koli
Unique tastes

Unique, authentic places to eat are a characteristic and strength of the Koli tourism area. Each restaurant is different: some draw inspiration from the Karelian food traditions, others from international flavours.

See below our cafes and restaurants. Enjoy your meal!

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Break Sokos Hotel Koli Grill it! Restaurant

Grill it! is a Scandinavian restaurant at Break Sokos Hotel Koli in Koli national park. Grill it! combines traditional grilling, prime handpicked raw materials, and a unique setting with a special emphasis on steaks. The restaurant’s speciality is a charcoal grill that adds a genuine smoky, intense flavour to most of the dishes. The restaurant also has a Local Tastes à la carte menu, using local produce and traditional North Karelian recipes. Here you can have the best steaks in the region overlooking the splendid Lake Pielinen and nearby hills.

Grill it! Restaurant, Ylä-Kolintie 39, 83960 Koli, tel. +358 201 234 662,, 

Open daily 12.00–24.00 (sales of alcohol ends 23.00). Breakfast Mon–Fri 7.00–10.00, Sat–Sun 7.30–11.00. For more information go to

Café-restaurant at the Neste Kolinportti service station, Ahmovaara

The 250-seat café-restaurant at Kolinportti offers a daily buffet with two main courses and one beefsteak option plus an abundant salad bar and non-alcoholic drinks. On the à la carte list you’ll find plenty of choices for appetites big and small. There is a 50-seat Juuka Lounge. We also operate a catering service for private occasions. We are fully licensed.

The kitchen serves 11.00–18.30. The café is open Mon–Fri 7.00–20.00, Sat 8.00–20.00, Sun 8.00–19.00.

Address: Kolintie 10, Ahmovaara; tel. +358 107 637 661; Facebook: Kolinportti.

Pizzeria-café Kahpitsa at Break Sokos Hotel Koli

Break Sokos Hotel Koli’s pizzeria-café Kahpitsa offers excellent views over Lake Pielinen. The pizzeria-café serves local cafeteria products, pizza, and various refreshments that can be enjoyed by the atmospheric oven-fireplace. The café-restaurant accommodates up to 120 persons.

Open: The café is open daily Sun–Thu 09.00–22.00, Fri–Sat 09.00–24.00 (sales of alcohol ends 23.00).

Break Sokos Hotel Koli/Kahpitsa
, Ylä-Kolintie 39, 83960 Koli, tel. +358 201 234 662, tel. +358 107 623 635.

Gastropub Kolin Ryynänen

Gastropub Kolin Ryynänen is located in the middle of Koli village at atmospheric log house, right next to the Koli National Park. À la carte and pizza. Ryynänen is a nice place to organize parties and meetings all year round. Wide assortment of high quality beer. Beers from own brewery. Sunny terrace. Accommodation in summer rooms. 

Gastropub Kolin Ryynänen, Ylä-Kolintie 1, 83960 Koli, p. tel +358 445 695 757, Facebook: Kolin Ryynänen.

Open: Sun–Mon closed, Tue–Thu 15:00–21:00, Fri–Sat 12.00–(02.00). Kitchen open to 20.00.

Local Tastes in Café Eväsretket

Cafe Eväsretket (Kahvila Eväsretket) is located in Koli, in the Nature Centre Ukko. In the café you find picnic food, refreshments, ice cream, savoury and sweet pastries like traditional vatruska pies, and sweet pies. There are also delicacies and other products from Finnish small producers. During high season soup lunch and salads. The products vary depending on the seasons: the aim is to bring the tastes of different seasons and nature to the plate. In the café, mainly local ingredients are used: vegetables, forest mushrooms, berries both cultivated and wild, and locally caught freshwater fish.

Open closed April 1 to June 7. (The Nature Centre is being renovated). During the renovation open for groups on prior arrangement tel. +358 440 101 143. See opening hours on the webpages.

Café Eväsretket, Ylä-Kolintie 39, Koli, tel. +358 440 101 143,,

Café Lentävä Luuta

Café Lentävä Luuta is a small, cosy café in the heart of Koli village. The café favours local ingredients and products. Soup lunches and freshly baked sweet and savoury baked goods. The café’s speciality are delicious homemade coconut buns. Enjoy your coffee and tasty treats at the newly renovated café or buy snacks for your day out hiking.
For opening hours, check the webpages or social media.

Other services: Accommodation for travellers at Patikoijan Pirtti, on the upper floor of the café. Small meetings, social events, and parties.

Open closed to May 22.

Kahvila Lentävä Luuta, Ylä-Kolintie 2, Koli, tel. +358 400 150 235, Kahvila Lentävä Luuta, Facebook: Kahvila Lentävä Luuta, Instagram: kahvilalentavaluuta.

SKI café in Loma-Koli

Besides café services, temporary exhibitions will be arranged in the SKI café. The first exhibition is to display equipment and stories from Finnish manufacturers of touring and Alpine skis of the 50s, 60s, and 70s.  In the development of skiing equipment back then, the centre stage was held by Antti-Jussi Tiitola and TITAN skis. In the course of the summer, the exhibition will also display photos from the “golden years” of Alpine skiing in the 1930s and old posters advertising skiing equipment from round the world.

SKI café, Hiekkaniementie 2, Loma-Koli, tel. +358 400 504 596.

Open: the café / shop is open on order at Kolikeskus


The atmospheric restaurant Rinnetupa serves at the lower station of Ukko-Koli slopes. At Rinnetupa you eat a delicious lunch and have a coffee break. The restaurant has A-rights.
Rinnetupa serves guests during the slope opening hours and also provides guests with a terrace area, a campfire site and a break area to enjoy their own snacks. Rinnetupa has free wireless internet for guests.

Open June 4 to August 21 daily 10:00–17:30 and barbecue evenings every Wednesday and Saturday until 21:00.

Rinnetupa at lower station of Ukko-Koli slopes, Rantatie 27, Koli, tel. +358 10 762 3633,, Facebook: Koli Ski.

Koli Harbour Restaurant

Koli Harbour Restaurant is an atmospheric, magnificent, and stylish log building. The building is located at Koli Harbour in Koli National Park. There are conference facilities and an exhibition introducing Pielinen lake culture on the upper floor. The restaurant is licensed to serve wine and beer. Lonely Planet - guide Top Pick - 2015! À la carte. In summer daily fish soup from local fish at lunch time.

Koli Harbour, Rantatie 12, 83960 Koli, Tel. tel. +358 400 628 666,,

Opening hours closed. Open on order. Facebook: Kolin Satamaravintola.

Library Bar Hiekkapakka

Library Bar Hiekkapakka is an atmospheric bar for hanging out next to Break Sokos Hotel Koli’s Relax Spa. The unique fireplace made by Tulikivi provides an excellent setting for board games, reading, karaoke, or simply enjoying good drinks and a magnificent setting.

Hiekkapakka is open usually on weekends and by prior arrangement.

Additional information and reservations:
Break Sokos Hotel Koli’s and Ski Slopes Sales Service, tel. +358 201 234 662.

Café Mandala at Mattila farm

The history is vividly present inside the rustic log walls of Mattila farm. The farm served as a boarding house for tourists as early as in the 1920s, and today it offers vegetarian food but also meat and fish dishes. Inside the classic log walls, staff meetings and intimate family celebrations can be organised as well. Cáfe and dining services in Koli national park. The cáfe is open and soup lunch is served in the summer time.

Open June 22 to August 7 Wed–Sat 12:00–17:00, Sun 12:00–15:00. Closed June 25 to 26, otherwise on order.

Café Mandala, Ylä-Kolintie 12 B, 83960 Koli, tel. +358 408 650 466,,


Café Koli Freetime, Kopravaara

The cáfe operates in the former Kopravaara school building amidst huge birch trees. From the terrace, there is a beautiful view to the lake. Dining services for small and bigger groups by prior arrangement.

Open by prior arrangement.

Koli Freetime, Kopravaarantie 27, Ahmovaara, tel. +358 103 223 040,

Cafés and Restaurants in Vuonislahti
On the other side of the lake

Café Wanhan Koulun Puoti

In the village shop and café of Wanhan Koulun Puoti, you can enjoy the rural environment of Vuonislahti village. In the shop you will find local products, handicrafts, ecological products, cottage goods, gifts and camping products. The village shop also has a grocery store, an antique shop, a pharmacy service point and a post office pick-up point.

Wanhan Koulu Puoti Oy, Vuonislahdentie 184, 81590 Vuonislahti, tel. +358 453 445 627,,, Facebook: wanhankoulunpuoti, Instagram: wanhankoulunpuoti.

Kestikievari Herranniemi

Enjoy delicious food at Herranniemi in Vuonislahti on the shores of Lake Pielinen. The restaurant serves traditional Karelian delicacies and delicious homely fare. The main dining room, Kuusitupa, accommodates 70 guests. It is atmospheric with a baking oven and licensed to serve alcohol. The second dining room, Tapiontupa, is reserved for social evenings and meetings. Please see our website for more information and contact details. We are a member of the Karelia à la carte network.

Open by prior arrangement.

Kestikievari Herranniemi, Vuonislahdentie 185, Vuonislahti, tel +358 400 482 949,, Guest House Kestikievari Herranniem.

Cafés and Restaurants in Lieksa
Ruunaa is known of white water rafting

Café-restaurant Suvanto in Ruunaa, Lieksa

Dining services by prior arrangement. The restaurant is licensed to serve alcohol. There are 68 seats and on the terrace 16 seats for customer. Smoke - and beach sauna, cottage accommodation, conference room, fishing license, grocery sale.

Ruunaan Matkailu, Siikakoskentie 47, 81750 Pankakoski, tel +358 13 533 130, +358 400 352 307,,

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