Souvenirs, specialties and useful gear

Are you looking for a memento of your trip or a gift to celebrate a special occasion? Maybe you want to
take home some of the local pastries or need to replace an item you forgot to take with you.

Here you find information about shops, stores and others shopping places in Koli and the surrounding area.

Shopping in Koli


Groceries, postal services, fishing licences, petrol station

Open: Mon–Fri 8–21, Sat 9–21, Sun klo 10–18.

Sale Koli, Kolintie 94, Koli, tel. +358 10 762 3301,


Shop at the Koli Tourist Information

At the Koli Tourist Information there is a small shop where you can buy souvenirs and local handicrafts. There are also postcards and Koli magnets and woollen socks, mittens and other items locally knitted in Koli. Other items at the shop include Koli Kupilkas, handmade soaps, candles, canvas bags, hand-bound books which are great for example as guest books and other gift items.

The shop is open when the Tourist Information is open.

Shop at the Koli Tourist Information, Kolintie  94, Koli village, 83960 Koli, +358 451 387 429,, Facebook:

Spa Shop by Sokos Hotels

The Spa Shop adjacent to the reception of the Break Sokos Hotel Koli offers Reino shoes specially branded for Koli, local delicacies, Lumene pampering products, maps and post cards, and more. The opening times are the same as those of the hotel reception.

Break Sokos Hotel Koli/Spa Shop by Sokos Hotels, Ylä-Kolintie 39, tel. +358 20 123 4662,

Kolinportti Gift Shop

The large shop at Kolinportti service station offers a wide range of great gifts, business gifts, and souvenirs. The shop carries the following brands: Arabia-Iittala, Opamuurikka, Muurla, Puttipaja, Mehiläistuotteet Mellis, Forsman Tea, Riipisen Riistaherkut, and Puron Marjat. There are Norwegian knits, postcards incl. Koli-cards, and craft products. Pharmacy.

Open shop assistant works from 10 am to 6 pm, other times payment at the cashier of the service station.

Kolinportti Neste Gas Station, Gift Shop, Kolintie 10, Ahmovaara, p. 010 3224 722,

Shopping in Lieksa


In Ajanpatinaa, an antique shop open in Lieksa in summers, you find Finnish design, antiques, collectables, retro and vintage old treasures. The versatile and abundant collection includes dishware by Arabia, glassware, jewelry, furniture and other collectables.

Welcome to step back in time and to experience the charm of old times!

In addition to the antique shop there is a warehouse store / flea market full of treasures. It is open in July, address Pokrontie 5, Lieksa. 

Opening hours:

 Ajanpatinaa Antique Summer Shop (Pielisentie 36, Lieksa)until 12.8.2023 Mon-Fri 10-17, Sat 10-14
Warehouse shop (Pokrontie 5, Lieksa) open 27.6.–29.7.2023, Tues–Fri 11–16, Sat 10–14. 

Ajanpatinaa, Pielisentie 36, 81700 Lieksa, tel. +358 40 5540 813,,, Facebook: Ajanpatinaa Tarja Pousár


Taina's Style shop in Lieksa specialises in women’s clothing and accessories. There is no shortage of colours and individuality in Taina’a style!  

Shop open Tues–Thurs 10–17, Sat 10–14. Other times by appointment.  
Taina's Style, Pielisentie 9, 81700 Lieksa, tel. +358 50 586 2210, Facebook Tainas Style 

Shopping in Vuonislahti

Village shop Wanhan Koulun Puoti

In the village shop and cafe Wanhan Koulun Puoti you can enjoy the rural atmosphere of Vuonislahti village. Here you will find local products, handicrafts, ecological products, supplies for your holiday in a Finnish cabin, gifts and camping items. The village shop is also home to a grocery store, antique shop, pharmacy and post office.

Open: until 2.6. Mon–Sat 11–16, Sun Closed.
Summer terrace with license to serve alcohol open 3.6–31.8.2023.
3.6–29.6.2023 Mon closed, Tues–Thurs 11–18, Fri–Sat 11–19, Sun 12–17. Exceptions: 23.6. open 11–22, on Midsummer 24.6. open 12–18, closed on Sunday 18.6.2023.
30.6.–30.7.2023 Mon closed, Tues–Thurs 11–18, Fri 11–21, Sat 11–19, Sun 12–19. Wednesdays 19.7. and 26.7. open 11–21
31.7.–31.8.2023 Mon closed, Tues–Thurs 11–18, Fri–Sat 11–19, Sun 12–17. Closed Sun 27.8.

Check autumn and winter opening hours at Facebook or webpages.

Wanhan Koulun Puoti Oy, Vuonislahdentie 184, 81590 Vuonislahti, tel. +358 453 445 627,,, Facebook: wanhankoulunpuoti, Instagram: wanhankoulunpuoti.

Juuka - near Koli


Hedwigin Helmi is in the heart of Juuka in an atmospheric old building.  There is a lovely, rustic gift, homeware and design shop and a flea market and a cafe. Hedwigin Helmi also sells pet food and products.

Open Mon–Fri 10.00–17.00, Sat 10.00–14.00, Sun 11.00–14.00. Check opening hours at the Facebook page of Hedwigin Helmi.

Hedwigin Helmi, Vanhatie 2, 83900 Juuka, tel. +358 44 491 0252, Facebook Hedwigin Helmi.

Shopping and getting to know nearby destinations
Lieksa, Juuka, Nurmes and Joensuu

Lieksa - Koli's town centre

The village of Koli is a part of Lieksa town and municipality. Lieksa Brass Week in late July and early August offers high-quality brass music and other concerts. The concerts of Pielinen Soi Festival are held in various places around Lake Pielinen. The timeless wooden sculptures of Eva Ryynänen in Paateri and the old buildings of Pielinen Museum are special destinations to visit. Rukajärvi-keskus (Rukajärvi Centre, in Finnish) tells about the military history of the area and the exhibition of Rajaperinnetalo (Border Guard House, in Finnish) presents the history of border guarding. PikkuKili Farm Animal Park (in Finnish) in Kelvä is a great place to visit for the whole family.

In addition to Koli National Park, Lieksa has other nationally important nature destinations. Ruunaa Hiking Area and Patvinsuo National Park offer wonderful nature experiences near the eastern border of Finland.

Juuka - Near Koli

The centre of Juuka is only about 30-min drive from Koli. Approximately 3,200 people live in the municipality centre and the surrounding area. Along the way from Koli to Juuka is Nunnanlahti village, known for its soapstone deposits and soapstone companies.

In Nunnanlahti there is, for example, restaurant Kivikylän Kanttiini. In Juuka centre there is also Alko, the closest liquor store to Koli.

For more information on places to visit and natural attractions on the web pages of Juuka


Nurmes - town of birches

Known for its bakery products and outdoor-clothing manufacturer Sasta, Nurmes is the home of  approximately 7,600 people. Located between Lakes Pielinen and Nurmesjärvi, the city centre is known for its magnificent scenery, unique old wood-built houses and thousands of birches, which is why Nurmes is also called the town of birches.The most famous tourist attractions in Nurmes are the Bomba Karelian village and Bomba Spa, located right on the shore of Lake Pielinen and offering a vast view over the lake.

Joensuu - capital of North Karelia

Joensuu city centre, located 70 kilometres from Koli, with its wide pedestrian streets around the market square and an extensive range of services make it an ideal destination for a day of shopping.
In Joensuu, you find department stores and specialty shops ranging from chocolate shops to sports stores.

In addition, there is Taitokortteli, a tourism, artisan and culture quarter,which attracts 250,000 visitors yearly.

For those looking for an active holiday, Joensuu offers festival, for example rock music festival Ilosaarirock, swimming pools, sports centres, and historical and cultural attractions. Joensuu Art Museum Onni has world-class art exhibitions. North Karelian Museum Hilma in culture and tourist centre Carelicum and Orthodox cultural centre are also interesting places to visit in the centre of Joensuu.


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