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Feel Koli

Experiential excursion services

Feel Koli Tours is a solo venture by Irja ‘Irkku’ Tanskanen. The background company, Eräsniekka Ky, was established in 1995.

At that time, there was a need for campfire coffee and guiding services at Koli. So, having previously worked as an active cook and server, I became an entrepreneur as a fresh wilderness guide. Koli was already a familiar area to me as I come from the nearby Martonvaara region.

The values of my company were always centered on respecting nature, responsible conduct, and fair collaboration. My initial investment was in 20 wooden cups, which later transitioned to Kupilka composite cups. Over decades, I’ve maintained close collaboration with local businesses, Koli National Park, and Koli Travel Ltd. I began snowshoeing at Koli in 1996 when the activity was new to our region. We worked to promote the sport alongside the pioneer of snowshoeing in our area, Matti Eskelinen. Since then, I’ve been organizing guided snowshoe trips at Koli. The magnificent landscapes and diverse, sometimes challenging terrains at Koli are ideal for snowshoeing. I use Canadian Faber snowshoes, as I’ve found them to be the best and most durable for group use.

I cherish our region’s cultural heritage. The guidance provided during Feel Koli Tours is rooted in local culture and nature. I’ve had the opportunity to walk alongside Ilmari Martikainen, who played a significant role in establishing the national park born from Koli. Ilmari had an extensive knowledge of the Koli area.

All customers, regardless of age, gender, nationality, race, or religion, are welcome on my tours. I embark on trips even with just one person, whether it’s hiking or snowshoeing, always adjusting the pace according to the fitness and well-being of the participants. Guides from partner companies assist in larger groups; they too are well-versed in Koli’s terrains and stories.

Feel Koli tours have the Good Travel Seal environmental certificate and the Sustainable Travel Finland sustainable tourism label awarded by Visit Finland.

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