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Jongunjoen Matkailu

The Jongunjoen Matkailu tourist company in Lieksa, Jongunjoki.

The Jongunjoen Matkailu tourist company is situated about 30 kilometres north of Lieksa centre, close to the Nurmijärvi village. It is surrounded by the clean North Karelian nature, providing great terrains and waterways for outdoor life. The main building has four guest rooms plus a banqueting room, conference room, fireplace/tv room, and sauna. In the guest rooms we offer bed & breakfast accommodation, and in the courtyard area we have a cottage for rent round the year. In the same courtyard area, on the lake, we have a smoke sauna, a hot tub, a barrel-shaped wood-fired sauna, a barbecuing shelter, a swimming pier, and a campfire spot. The breakfasts and other meals for the b & b guests are served in the banqueting room. At other times the bar and the restaurant serve on order.

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Kivivaarantie 21, 81970 Jongunjoki

+358 40 094 9215

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