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Polar Adventures

Equipment and programme services

Polar Adventures is an adventure company located right in the heart of Koli, offering equipment rentals and unforgettable program services. Polar Adventures rents high-quality sports equipment, including electric bikes, hiking gear, snowshoes, cross-country skiing equipment, snowmobiles, and much more. Explore our stunning natural attractions on your own or choose a guided adventure. Polar Adventures offers pre-designed program services for individual travelers as well as large groups, and we can also customize programs to meet your specific preferences. Rental options and program services cater to children as well.

In Polar Adventures’ store, you’ll find souvenirs, clothing, accessories, hiking and camping gear, equipment, and much more. Polar Adventures operates year-round, so you can enjoy the unique opportunities and beautiful landscapes of Koli at any time of the year.

Contact information

Kolintie 94 B, 83960 Koli

044 237 7359