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Ice swimming

Take a refreshing dip in the frozen lake!

Ice swimming is a refreshing activity to say the least, and offers an unique way to connect with nature. A dip in cold water stimulates blood circulation and relieves stress. Ice swimming and taking a sauna is the best way to relax and recover!

Ice swimming at Koli is offered by Kolin Kangastus at the shore of Lake Jeronjärvi, and Koli Freetime at Kopravaara by the shore of Lake Valkealampi.

First time? – Here are some tips to begin with!

  1. Safety first: It is recommended to wear socks or swimming boots, a hat, mittens and a swimsuit. Don’t go alone. Move with caution, the way to the swimming hole may be quite slippery.
  2. Warm up before getting into the water. If you go from the sauna, give your body a moment to cool down beforehand.
  3. Focus on your breathing! Immersing into the cold water can come as a shcok to your system, and cause an unwanted pause in breathing. It is not dangerous, but something to be mindful about!
  4. Start slow: Beginners should acclimatize their bodies to cold water gradually. Start with short, supervised dips and work your way up carefully. There’s no rush!
  5. Never go ice swimming when you are ill or under the influence of alcohol!
  6. Enjoy the health benefits of ice swimming and listen to your body! Kids can try ice swimming under the supervision of adults.
Kolin Kangastus

Koli Kangastus is located a couple of kilometers from the village of Koli, by Lake Jero. For inquiries about private saunas, please contact .

Koli Freetime

Relax in the open water! If you’re an avid ice swimmer or want to experience the bliss of diving into the icy water, you’ll find an illuminated ice swimming place at Koli Freetime. The winter swimming season starts in December and lasts until April, the ice is kept open by a pump throughout the season. You can either take a sauna in the public women’s, men’s or mixed sauna, or you can book a private sauna for your own party.

To book a private sauna, please contact .

Book a refreshing dip at Koli Freetime’s ice swimming session

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