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Camping and hiking

All paths lead to Koli´s heart

With plenty of trail options to choose from, Koli National Park offers excellent opportunities for hiking and trekking.  The combined length of marked trails is around 80 km, with trail lengths varying from 1.5km to 61 km. Some of the trails are considerably easier to hike than others. There are campfire sites, lean-tos, and wilderness huts along the trails. For more information, visit Koli National Park website. It is advisable to have a Koli Outdoor and Service Map when hiking.

There are several alternative starting points for the summer trails. Trails starting from near the Ukko Visitor Centre’s upper yard continue across the Koli peaks to the national park’s southern reaches. There are also trails beginning from the upper yard that run via the Kolin Uuro gorge to the shore of Lake Pielinen, and northward to Koli Harbour and Koli village. The village and harbour are in themselves popular starting points for hikers. In addition, there are starting points by Rantatie Road and in all the national park’s parking areas. The Koli peaks and many other lookout points are bare rock areas that are often slippery and difficult to traverse. Because these attractions are maintained in their natural state, there are no platforms or handrails at the lookout points. So do take care on difficult terrain.

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