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Koli-Vuonislahti Ice Road

For driving, cycling, skating and running

What does it feel like to have a 40 centimeter thick ice under your Opel but with even thicker layer icy water? When the weather permits, the longest official ice waterway in Europe’s inland waterways, opening in mid-winter, is a stunning experience!

Authorities will open the road for road traffic when the sturdy ice thickness is 40 cm. During peak hours, over 500 vehicles have driven the seven-kilometer ice road. The distance between the Lieksa city area and Koli village shortens with 51 km. That is why the local population is also very anxious when the ice road can be opened early.

When weather conditions permit, a tour skating route will also be opened next to the ice road. Next to the tour skating route you can also walk. You can also cross the lake on bike: cycling in permitted on the ice road. Mountain bikes and fat bikes can be rented in Koli.

The ice road is closed for this winter 2024.