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Experiences and wonderful landscapes for every cyclist

Bicycles are nowadays a common sight in towns and the same trend can be seen in Koli: every year more and more people are cycling along the many tarmac and gravel roads in the rural milieu of Koli and on the paths suitable for mountain biking. You can plan your bicycle tours in Koli area with the help of Koli cycling map. You can find the map in Koli Tourist Information and in other visitor information points in the area. Bicycles can be rented from Polar Adventures, Kontiolahti Outdoor and Ruunaan matkailu.

The diverse landscapes and unique scenery of Koli offer fantastic opportunities for cycling enthusiasts to realize their vacation dreams on two wheels. You can enjoy long road cycling trips, picturesque village roads, and moments in small cafes or rest areas. Recharge your energy with prepared meals and a sauna in comfortable accommodations. For mountain biking enthusiasts, Koli provides extensive trails through hilly terrain and boardwalks. There are also challenging route options available for those seeking them. You can rent a bike in Koli from local tourism entrepreneurs, and it’s advisable to inquire about safe bike storage and maintenance services from them as well.

Cycling routes in the area

Multi-use tracks

During the winter season, we maintain two multi-use tracks for the enjoyment of outdoor enthusiasts. Multi-use tracks are groomed routes accessible to more than just skiers. Everyone traveling without motorized means is welcome on these trails, meaning you can also snowshoe, ride a fatbike, or even walk!

At Koli, the multi-use tracks include an ice route starting from the parking lot at the beginning of Rantatie towards the harbor and Rinnetupa, as well as a lit trail from Kopravaara to the village of Koli, ending at the parking lot near the intersection of Jerontie, where a pedestrian path leads to the center of Koli.

Rules for multi-use trails:
Please note that the trail is used by outdoor enthusiasts using different equipment, so always adjust your speed safely considering the conditions and other users. All users who use the trail appropriately are welcome, so always treat others with respect and announce your intentions loudly and in advance when passing. Safety during passing is always the responsibility of the overtaking party.

You can check the current maintenance status of the trails here.

Illuminated track – Koli harbor – Koli ski slopes multi-use track

A 2.5-kilometer long multi-use trail starting from the beginning of Rantatie runs on the ice of Lake Pielinen to the base station of the Koli ski slopes.

Koli village – Kopravaara multi-use track

The 10.5-kilometer long route from the village of Koli to Kopravaara is illuminated and along the way, there is Ursan Kota and Napakallio lean-to shelter.

Scandinavian Outdoor Award – destination of the year 2023

Koli-Lieksa claimed victory in the 2023 Scandinavian Outdoor Award competition!

The jury was impressed by the four-season concept designed for various target groups. The area combines different accommodation options, responsible nature tourism, and a focus on integrating locals with growth that meets the needs of the area.

Welcome to enjoy the best outdoor and hiking opportunities in Scandinavia!

Trails and rental equipments

Everyman’s right

In Finland we all, both residents and visitors, have a right to enjoy nature and at the same time we have a responsibility take of it. Everyman’s right determines what you can and cannot do. In additions, protected areas have rules and regulations which you should check out in advance.