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Relaxing in traditional Finnish style

Hotels, hostels, cottages and apartments often have saunas for their visitors. Many local companies also offer sauna services for groups. Familiarise yourself with Koli’s sauna services and book yourself a warm sauna experience.

Pampering and landscape spa Koli

Three saunas: Finnish sauna “Fire” 80-90°C, aroma sauna “Stone” 60-70°C and steam sauna “Water” 40-50°C. Special experience showers. Six different pools: Light and music pool, hot tub, cold pool, foot baths, cold and hot foot tub and outdoor hot tubs offering a splendid view.

Saunas by reservation

Koli Freetime: large wood-heated sauna and a smaller sauna
Kestikievari Herranniemi Vuonislahti: infrared sauna and wood-heated saunas. In winter, iceswimming is possible in connection with sauna rental.

Reservable smoke saunas

Taking a sauna in a smoke sauna is an unforgettable experience and a social event that everyone should experience. Smoke saunas in Koli are rented by:

  • VisitKoli
  • Kestikievari Herranniemi
  • Tarina-Aho
  • Kolikeskus


Tarina-Aho on the island of Pielinen has three saunas: two traditional wood-fired saunas, the larger of which can accommodate five people and the smaller sauna three people at a time. Tarina-Aho also has a large smoke sauna with separate men’s and women’s areas. The traditional wood saunas are heated daily and can be reserved for your party. The saunas are located a few metres from the shore, so you can take a dip in the Pielinen for a refreshing swim while taking a sauna.

Kotakylä Saunaworld

Welcome to experience an unforgettable sauna adventure in the tranquility of Kotakylä! 2-5 unique saunas by Lake Vaikko warm up as follows: On summer Saturdays, saunas are heated according to the number of participants from 5 pm to 8 pm. (advance booking, minimum 6 participants)

Price: €35/person, youth 7-15 years €20, and children under 7 free of charge. (bring your own swimsuit)

Reservations for sauna day at +358 45 3329881

The price includes the use of showers, changing rooms, and the panoramic kota. Registration by 8 pm the previous day at the latest.

You can also reserve a smoke sauna, shower facilities, and the panoramic kota for your own work group, let’s tailor a pleasant sauna experience together in Kotakylä Saunaworld.