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Ski trails on hills and ice

Koli’s ski trail network runs through varying terrain from the hills of Koli to the ice of Lake Pielinen. On the hilly ski tracks, the skier can climb up to the view points to admire the magnificent views and snow covered forests. The longest continuous illuminated ski trail in Finland (25 km) runs from Koli Freetime in Kopravaara, Juuka, through Koli village to Loma-Koli.

The ski tracks are open and maintained for Easter 2024, after which maintenance for this season will cease.

Real-time monitoring of trail maintenance in Koli

The 6.2 km loop around Käränkälampi in Loma-Koli in maintained throughout the season; the rest of the illuminated track and track up to Break Sokos Hotel Koli and the 3-km loop in Koli National park are groomed for the week ends. During holiday season tracks are maintained more often.

Ski trail maintenance

The Käränkälampi round trail remains ski-ready throughout the season. Other illuminated trails are maintained during the season (weeks 52 and 1, 8–10, and depending on the snow situation, Easter from April 6th to 10th), weekends during other times. Trails are groomed as needed: if a trail is ski-ready, it will not be groomed. Grooming is done with one grooming machine, starting from Lahnalampi, moving from there to Loma-Koli’s Käränkälammi, and further through Koli village towards Koli Freetime. The same machine returns on the other side of the trail. Depending on the weather, grooming the entire illuminated trail takes over five hours.

The amount of trail grooming and lighting is adjusted based on expenses and the income from trail grooming. The maintenance of the Koli trails is funded by contributions from the route pool, collected from area businesses, cottage owners, the City of Lieksa, the Municipality of Juuka, and Metsähallitus (Finnish Forest Administration). Private individuals also contribute voluntary support fees, and the proceeds from the sale of trail maps go towards trail maintenance. You can contribute to trail grooming by purchasing a voluntary trail pass.

The Koli trail network traverses varied terrains, from the Koli hills to the ice of Lake Pielinen. Skiers on the hillside trails can ascend to scenic spots and race downhill at high speeds. Finland’s longest continuous illuminated trail (25 km) runs from Koli Freetime’s yard from Kopravaara through Koli village to Loma-Koli.

You can provide feedback on the trails through the feedback form (Google Forms):

If a tree has fallen on the trail, lights are broken, or if you notice deficiencies in maintaining the trailside fireplaces, please contact Koli Tourist Information (preferably via text message/WhatsApp at +358 45 138 7429 or via email at )

Easy and challenging trails

An easy ice trail starts from the Nikkilänkuja parking lot along Rantatie, descending onto Lake Pielinen, passing by the harbor up to the lower station of the ski slopes where you’ll find a slope cafe and a Kota hut for a break. The trail is approximately 2.5 kilometers one way. This route also offers a multi-use trail for walkers and cyclists, running alongside the skiing trail on the icy section.

On the illuminated Koli trail (25 km), there are both easy and moderately challenging sections. The section suitable for families with children is between Rantatie and Sutka laavu (lean-to). Parking is available alongside Rantatie. The skiing journey to Sutka laavu is easy, and you can barbecue sausages over an open fire there. Other easy trails include those on Lake Pielinen, opened depending on the ice conditions. For the youngest family members, spending the day sledding and grilling sausages in the sports field near Koli village (Euron Areena, Ylä-Kolintie 10) is recommended. Next to the skating rink, there’s a hut where you can find a skate chest to borrow skates for free.

The most challenging yet most beautiful trail sections are Räsävaara and Mäkrä loops. These trails are aimed to open during the ski holiday seasons and are accessible during the Koli Landscape Skiing event.

Rental equipment and ski school

Koli Ski School is one of the oldest ski schools in Finland. Instructors of the ski school will teach you not only alpine skiing, snowboarding and telemarking, but also cross-country skiing. Cross-country ski sets are available for rent at Koli Ski Lower Station of Koli slopes.

Skiing with a dog

You are welcome to ski on the Koli trails with your dog! However, please keep your furry friend leashed at all times. Also, note that most Koli trails are two-way, so there will be skiers coming from both directions. Please make room for oncoming skiers by skiing on the right-hand side of the trail. For smoother trails with dogs, there are the ice trails from Rantatie towards Loma-Koli/Sutkanvaara and the eastern parts of the Käränkälampi loop.

Koli Trail Fee – Support fee for trail maintenance

Support the maintenance of the trails in the Koli area by paying a voluntary trail fee!

The proceeds from the voluntary support fee are directed entirely to the year-round maintenance of the Koli trails. Trail pool fees are collected for the maintenance of the area’s trails and routes, which involve contributions from the city of Lieksa, the municipality of Juuka, Metsähallitus (for trails located within the national park), local entrepreneurs, cottage owners, and individuals paying a voluntary support fee. The trail pool fees cover year-round trail maintenance, firewood supply for lean-tos and shelters along the trail, parking lot and road plowing, real-time monitoring of trail grooming, as well as trail system development. By participating in the trail pool and purchasing a trail pass, you contribute to the maintenance and upkeep of the trails.

By paying 18€ or more, you’ll receive a paper trail map from Koli Tourist Information (Kolintie 94A), access to real-time maintenance tracking for trails, and a Trail Support sticker!

Ski maps

Real-time ski trail maintenance map. (Choose language from the flag on the top of the page).

In the printed map Ski trails and snowmobile routes you can find the ski trails, cafés and places for campfire. You can buy the map in the customer service points of the area. Buying this map, you support the maintenance of the ski trails in Koli as all profit from the sales goes directly into the funding of cross-country skiing tracks in Koli.

Ski trails in Koli and Vuonislahti