Kolin Kangastus

Holiday Cottages with Panoramic Lake and Hill Views

Paavo Mujunen, owner of Kolin Kangastus, why Koli?
– We came to Koli from Kontiolahti. My spouse and I were looking for a lakeside property and the search brought us to Koli. We found a house, and then we build a sauna cabin on Lake Jero. After some time, we cut down the dense spruce tree forest surrounding the house and that opened up the view from the house to the lake. Then we build the first holiday cottage, a 2-person cottage Lumme by the lake. The four cottages we are currently building are on the same shore, where there is a fireplace, a lean-to shelter, and a small pier. Metsätähti is an accessible cottage, its amenities are suitable for disabled guests. These new cottages all sleep 5 to 6 persons, with extra beds upstairs even more.

Kolin Kangastus has four brand new cottages and one smaller lakeshore cottage. All the cottages have beautiful views over Lake Jero and Verkkovaara Hill on the other side of the lake. In the spring, you can hear black grouse, in summer swans can be spotted and in summer mornings you can hear black-throated divers. This surely is a place where you can enjoy the surrounding nature. Hiking trails of Koli National Park are so close that you can start your hike from the cottages.

What services do you offer?

– We have a couple of rowing boats and SUP boards which we rent to your guests. We also rent bikes to our guests. We also have ponies; our guest can visit them if they wish. On the premises, there are paddocks, a riding arena, and a stable. The larger one is a crossbreed pony and the smaller one a Shetland pony. Guests can ride them, if agreed in advance, and the Shetland pony also pulls a cart. In the other hand, we are very close to Paimentupa stables, if you want to go horseback riding in the forest. From us, it is only little more than two kilometres to the hotel, four and a half kilometres to Koli village, says Paavo Mujunen.

What expectations do you have?

– We hope that we get our business running well. This summer we still need to do some work on the cottages and add the finishing touches. We do have more plans for the future, but for now it is important that we get things started, adds Paavo Mujunen.

Contact information
Kolin Kangastus, Kotaniementie 12, Koli, info@kolinkangastus.fi, tel. +358 500 576 946 www.kolinkangastus.fi, www.koli.fi/accommodation.

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