Authentic Finnish Countryside Experiences

Entrepreneur Virpi Matilainen wishes to create on the farm dating from 19th century an idyllic, peaceful atmosphere that feels like grandmother’s home.

Leskelä Grandma’s Horse Farm in set within the idyllic grounds of an old, traditional Finnish farmhouse. At the farm, there is plenty for you to experience from meeting and taking care of the cute animals to horseback riding lessons. Virpi Matilainen, entrepreneur of the farm which dates back to the 19th century, is committed to creating a wide range of experiences based on the wishes of the visitors.

- You can come here and get to know authentic, traditional Finnish culture. My idea is to keep this as a small, idyllic place with a home-like feel of visiting your grandmother’s home. But I can promise that every summer there is something new to see.

At Leskelä Grandma’s Horse Farm you can meet for example the representatives of the oldest Finnish cattle breed.
At the farm, which is now open for the first summer, visitors get to meet traditional farm animals such as the oldest Finnish cattle breed the Eastern Finncattle (also known as kyyttö in Finnish), sheep, chicken, and of course horses. In addition, a couple of cute ponies and fluffy bunnies live on the Farm. The entrance ticket to the farm entitles to the use of the whole area including the fireplace. And the Grandma’s summer cafe serves those passing by.
Besides the traditional farmhouse animals some rescue animals live on the farm, including the tiny rabbit Hupsis.

You can make the most of the day at the farm by booking a package which includes an introductory tour of the farm and coffee with a bun in an old barn with Grandma. On the tour, the echoes of the time past come to live in the stories of Matilainen. In the long history of the farm, there are stories for example of relatives who run from the fields to America and men’s dancing shoes found in the stone foundation of a barn.

- In the old days the daughters of the village used to sleep in the barns, and it could have happened that a suitor has hidden the shoes in the foundation. Maybe the master of the house caught the suitor by surprise, and he had to flee in a hurry, laughs Matilainen.

The history of the farm includes many interesting stories, which deepen your experience on the farm.

Families with children and adult groups can get to know everyday life on the farm and participate in taking care of the animals from 1 September to 31 May by booking a Day in the countryside -package.

- For example, we can work in the stable and you can try lead-rein riding or ride in a horse-drawn carriage. One child found an egg in a hen’s nest, that was the highlight of the day! You can also choose your lunch from two alternatives and for dessert there are or course Grandma’s delicious pancakes.

By booking the Day in the countryside -package you can take part in caring for the animals and try riding if you wish so.

Leskelä Grandma’s Horse Farm, Leskeläntie 49, 83900 Juuka

Open wednesday–monday 10 a.m.–6 p.m. until the end of August. Temporarily closed between 18.–19.7. due to a private event.

p. +358 50 324 4729

Leskelä Grandma’s Horse Farm

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