General terms and conditions for the website is an online service provided by Kolin matkailu Oy. The page displays services provided by  Kolin matkailuyhdistys ry and its partner companies. All payment transactions go through either Kolin matkailu Oy or its partner companies. The website includes an SSL certificate, which is used to verify the identity of the service provider Kolin matkailu Oy and to encrypt the connection between the user’s device and the server. If you have any questions concerning the services on the site, please get in touch with the service provider, or with Koli tourist information in unclear cases at, tel. 045 138 7429. No payment information relating to the customer transactions such as credit card or bank account
numbers are stored in the online services. All payment transactions are encrypted and pursuant to the security regulations of PayTrail. Kolin matkailu Oy (business ID 2926076-2)


 1. Controller: Kolin matkailu Oy, Ylä-Kolintie 2, 83960 Koli, Finland,, tel. 045 138 7429.

2. Responsible person for register issues: Kolin matkailu Oy, Executive Officer Veli Lyytikäinen, Ylä-Kolintie 2, 83960 Koli, Finland.

3. Name of register: Client register for services sold via the website.

4. Purpose of the processing of personal data: confirmation of online service purchases, enabling of various services, and identifying online bookings. Marketing by Kolin matkailu Oy, Kolin matkailuyhdistys ry, and their partners.

5. Register data contents: name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, booking value, and
payment method. Other data relating to payments such as credit card numbers are not stored.

6. Regular data sources: data are collected from customers during bookings.

7. Regular data disclosures and data transfers to outside of the EU or the European Economic Area: the personal data of clients are regularly disclosed to communities which have valid partnership agreements with the controller.

8. Principles of register protection: no manual materials. All data stored on computers are protected by firewalls, user rights, and passwords. Servers are in a locked room and backup copies in a safe. 9. Right of prohibition: the client may prohibit the controller from using their data for direct advertising, remote sales, and other direct marketing. The client can issue the prohibition by submitting a written notice to Kolin matkailu Oy, Ylä-Kolintie 2, FI-83960 Koli

10. Data subject’s right of review: data subjects may review all of their data stored in the register and to receive copies of said data. Review requests must be made in writing and addressed to the person responsible for register issues.

11. Data rectification: the controller shall rectify, delete, or supplement any data in the register that is erroneous, unnecessary, lacking, or outdated for the purposes of the processing either at their own initiative or by request made by the data subject. The data subject must get in touch with the controller’s responsible person for register issues in order to rectify their data.


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