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A log villa, a lakeside sauna, and fishing. That’s autumn at KoliCarelia.

Our sturdy log villas stand on Hattusaari Island in the mighty Lake Pielinen, each with a private beach and a lakeside sauna. For fishers, we have motorboats.

For further information and offers, contact the proprietor: www.kolicarelia.fi, jari.nousiainen@kolicarelia.fi, tel. +358 500 177 345.


Autumn is the peak season for fishing. Hire a fishing guide and experience the abundant catches offered by Lake Pielinen. We also provide workplace health activities for companies.

Pielisen Retki is a company that offers fishing guide services on Lake Pielinen. Our fishing techniques are spin casting and trolling. You have a choice of a half-day or a full-day fishing trip. We also do tailored fishing trips of several days.
Further information: info@pielisenretki.fi or tel. +358 44 377 9334, www.pielisenretki.fi.

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