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Tourist attractions in Lieksa

Majestic cliffs, the roar of rapids, and the sound of brass instruments


The gems of Lieksa



Lieksa is known for its nature, which is fascinating in its diversity. Koli, Ruunaa and Patvinsuo are among Lieksa’s most famous natural sites, which stay popular among visitors year after year. In Koli you can enjoy the national landscape, in Ruunaa you can treat your sense of adventure in the sparkling rapids and in Patvinsuo you can enjoy the silence of the wilderness in the footsteps of the king of the forests, the bear. In addition, there are several nature reserves and sites of cultural and historical value. The fourth largest lake in Finland, Pielinen, which lies between the town of Lieksa and Koli, is a charming place of beauty and offers a wide range of activities.



For the culture lover, Lieksa offers quality experiences. Sculpture artist Eva Ryynänen’s home ateljee, Paateri, in the village of Vuonislahti showcases the sculptor’s work. Lieksa’s several museums, the cultural centre, the Monola aitta, and the Talligalleria satisfy the culture-loving tourist with their varied offerings. Visitors arriving in Lieksa by public transport can stop by the Rukajärvi Centre, which presents war history from the battles in eastern Finland during World War II, on arrival at the railway station.



Lieksa and Koli have a wide range of accommodation facilities. The choice ranges from camping sites to quality cottages and hotels. For a special overnight experience, you can stay in the beautiful and peaceful coastal landscape of Kestikievari Herranniemi.



The internationally acclaimed Lieksa Brass week is a delight, bringing together locals and visitors alike each year to celebrate brass music. The Pielinen Soi and Monola Festival concert programme enriches the music offerings of Lieksa also during the summer.