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The rapids of Ruunaa

Experience the power of rapids amidst enchanting nature!

Haapavitjan riippusilta sumuisena syysaamuna Ruunaan retkeilyalueella.

See and experience the primal power of nature at the Ruunaa rapids. Catch the fish of a lifetime, challenge your body with a variety of sporting activities or enjoy the silence of the wilderness in the midst of the evergreen forest. The Ruunaa camping area is located in Lieksa, east of the road no.73. The distance from Lieksa to Ruunaa is 30 km. From Koli and Joensuu it takes one and a half hours to get there by car. The nature of the area is particularly characterised by the Lieksanjoki river, which flows through the hiking area with its rushing rapids. The water areas border pine forests typical to North Karelia, which offers nature experiences to the peace-loving traveller.

The area offers visitors a wide range of activities to discover a magnificent, clean and varying natural environment. The area is well worth exploring for its ancient forests and their fauna and flora, for example by cycling or hiking along the well-marked hiking trails that connect to the provincial Bear Trail. While outdoors, enjoy the silence of nature and a picnic on the well-maintained campfire sites in the camping area.

You can admire the rapids of Ruunaa for example by fishing from the shore or from a boat. You can catch a wide variety of fish, from planted to wild. If you’re giddy and thirsty for adventure – the most famous activity in the area is rafting. There are 6 rapids in the 17 km long area, including Paasikoski, Haapavitja, Kattila, Murroo and Siikakoski. You can discover the power of the rapids and the best rafting spot in Finland by rubber or wooden boat. On a rubber boat you can descend 4 very different rapids, but on a wooden boat you can experience the full splendour and descend all 6 rapids. The power of the rapids is particularly evident during the spring floods.

The area is diverse and offers activities and tranquility for all ages and abilities. The area also has good accessibility facilities. The rapids of Ruunaa are worth experiencing with time, which is why there are good overnight accommodation facilities. After an active day, you can relax in the shelter of your own tent or camper van in the camping area, but there are also cottages and cabins of varying standards to ensure a comfortable stay for the more demanding traveller.

In short; Ruunaa is an experience not to be missed!

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