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Europe's longest inland ice road.

Experience the national landscape of Koli and the nature of North Karelia from different perspectives

Retkiluistelija luistelemassa Pielisen jäällä aurinkoisena päivänä.

Experience Koli, the most loved National Landscape of Finland from a different perspective. Under an endless sky, amidst the hills, the ice road ploughed over the steel ice formed on the surface of the chilly waters of Lake Pielinen gives you a sense of freedom that is well worth experiencing.

Seven kilometres long, the Koli Ice Road is the longest official inland ice road in Europe. It shortens the route between Koli and Lieksa by 51 kilometers making the life of locals easier, and offering an exotic experience to anyone brave enough to take the drive. But only if conditions allow. The ice road is opened in mid-winter, once the ice is strong enough to support the weight of vehicles, which requires a layer of steel ice as thick as 40 centimeters.

The ice road is closed for the winter 2024.

In addition to driving, you can enjoy the ice road with lighter vehicles as well. Paths for pedestrians are plowed next to the ice road. The experience is also unforgettable with a kick sled, skating or skiing. Walkers can pause to reflect on the thrilling experience in a hammock along the ice road’s skating route.

The Koli ice road attracts tourists from all over the world every year, and it is undeniably a rare sight. However, there is always a risk in driving over the ice road, and safety instructions must be followed. When safety precautions are taken into account, you will have a unique and exciting experience to share with future generations.