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Juuka's tourist offer

On the western shore of Lake Pielinen, about half an hour’s drive from the village of Koli, lies a municipality called Juuka. The name of the municipality with shy of 5,000 inhabitants, means a small lake with a river flowing through the middle. The beauty and diversity of nature are both hallmarks of Juuka. In Juuka, you can enjoy hill landscapes, primeval forests and archipelago landscapes. Juuka is also an excellent place to visit for lovers of cultural history and the countryside.

Natural sites

The nature of Juuka is fascinating and varied. Enjoy the hills of Korkeavaara, the “little sister of Koli”, and the UKK trail just outside the village. Enjoy the water element in the Paalasmaa archipelago and its three islands. The Koppalo nature trail takes you through the primeval forests and protected area, while the Iso-Karhu trail offers the opportunity to explore wilderness, ridge and swamp areas.

Culture and history

A lover of cultural history shouldn’t miss out on exploring the centre of Juuka. Puu-Juuka (Wooden-Juuka), the old town center of Juuka presents architectural history and culture from the 1800-1900 -centuries. The original buildings give a unique look for the town and appreciates the partly lost traditio of wood construction. While walking around Puu-Juuka you can sit down for coffee and some souvenier shopping in Hedwig’s Helmi, the lovely cafe in the heart of this little town.


Juuka is known to have a large summer cottage community that comes alive in the summer. However, travellers can choose from a range of accommodation all year round when visiting the municipality. There is a guesthouse and a hotel in the centre of Juuka, and also rental cottages. With Koli just half an hour drive away, there is a hiking area and various levels of cottages, hotels and other accommodation.


Events in Juuka include the Juuka Rally, part of the hobby rally series, the classical music festival and the autumn stone sculpture festival. The active municipality offers year-round attractions and experiences.