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Outdoor facilities

Koli National Park offers diverse outdoor opportunities. There are approximately 80 kilometers of marked trails, so everyone can find a suitable one regardless of their fitness level or interest. The varying elevations in Koli provide a challenge even for experienced hikers. Different seasons also add their own flavor to outdoor activities. You can enjoy outdoor activities through various kinds of activities.

Summer Season

The summer season provides unobstructed access to various hiking trails, and it’s advisable to make the most of them during this time. Near the Koli hills, you can enjoy the outdoors and the national landscape on routes like the Summit Trail and Kolinuuro Circle. The 7.5-kilometer Mäkrä Circuit also offers an unforgettable experience of Koli’s nature.

In the vicinity of the Koli hills, there are several different nature trails as well. Along the Harbor Trail, you can enjoy the services of Koli’s harbor, explore the old forests of Ipatinvaara, and slope meadows. Along the route, near the hotel you’ll also find a sacrificial crack in the cliff, which is a protected historical site. The Village Trail offers an opportunity to admire the hills and, in addition to the Vaaralanaho cultural environment, provides a glimpse into Koli’s settlement and cultural history through the Mattila and Vaarala estates. The Kaskenkierros introduces idyllic traditional landscapes where you can admire Finnish horses, kyyttö cows, and Finnish sheep.

Once a year, a controlled fire called “kaski” is lit in Koli. This helps maintain and flourish the traditional landscape. The event is a spectacular sight, and you can also choose to participate in it if you wish.

Even the most demanding outdoor enthusiast can challenge themselves in the natural surroundings of Koli. On the Herajärvi Circuit, you can immerse yourself in Koli’s forests for days, listen to the babbling brooks, and test your stamina as you climb the hills. On the Kiehis Circuit, you can also challenge yourself while enjoying various attractions, such as the Pirunkirkko Cave.

In addition to hiking, summer offers opportunities for canoeing, boating, paddle boarding, horseback riding, cycling, and swimming. These activities allow you to see Koli from different angles. Right in the village, you can also enjoy the outdoors with a game of minigolf, or challenge your friends for a round of frisbeegolf in the lakeside ski slopes.

Winter Season

The winter season gives you the chance to enjoy Koli as a winter wonderland. Hills resting under a blanket of snow take you to Ukko-Koli in a picture-postcard landscape. There is no winter maintenance on the peaks, but they remain open thanks to the trail trodden by hikers. One of the ways to enjoy the peaks is snowshoeing.

The Koli ski resort is also a winter highlight for speed lovers. More than 80 years ago, the first daredevils skied on the slopes of Koli, and even today Koli offers a stunning setting for skiing. There are seven slopes of different levels. In the lift, you can admire the national landscape with a blanket of snow between descents.

In winter, it’s also worth putting on your cross-country skis and enjoying the clean snow. There are 3 and 7 km circular trails in the National Park. You can ski longer routes in the surrounding area and expand your knowledge of the Koli region at the same time. There are two skiing events in Koli – Maisemahiihto and Ahmanhiihto, which will delight skiing enthusiasts.

Horse riding does not depend on the season. Even in winter, you can enjoy the horsepower on, for example, Icelandic horses in pasture. For more horsepower, try snowmobiling on Koli’s great trails.

If hiking is your thing, the Koli village trail is kept open in winter too. You can even enjoy a cup of coffee by the campfire while you’re on the trail.