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Simpauttaja´s Sports Park

A sports park for the whole family

The Juuka Simpauttaja´s Sports Park offers activities for the whole family - named after the character Simpauttaja by Juuka author Heikki Turunen.

The park's five functional units include an outdoor gym, a parkour area, an artificial grass field, a multi-purpose arena and play areas. The project also involved improving road safety in the Poikola schoolyard and the surrounding area.

In 2016, the Simpauttaja´s Sports Park won the Sports Activity of the Year award: “The voice of local residents of all ages has been heard. Ideas and feedback have been provided by the sports club, pupils, teachers and staff of the local school, the Age Skills Centre Ellinkulma and the village association”.

Contact information

Poikolantie 6, 83900 Juuka