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Koli Sculpture Garden

A cultural destination for the whole family

The Sculpture Park is one of the finest attractions in Koli! It covers an area of approximately one hectare and is located 1.2 kilometers from Koli's village center. The area is divided into sections based on the colors of plants. The continually evolving area is adorned with impressive sculptures created by a horticulturist and self-taught artist, as well as Finland's master of stone carving, Lasse Martikainen.
The Sculpture Park is also well-suited for families with children!

Lasse has been passionate about fantasy culture throughout his life, and this is strongly reflected in his sculptures. His subjects include mythological creatures like the Minotaur and unicorn. His art is also infused with a deep connection to nature. Koli and nature excursions with his father inspired him to create a life-sized iron tree. Sometimes, his subjects can merge, as seen in the three-meter-long caterpillar made to scale.

Many of his works use recycled materials, such as old greenhouse heating pipes and cultivation troughs, giving them a new lease on life. This brings art into the modern day and makes it more environmentally friendly.

New sculptures and plants are added to the park every year, so it’s worth visiting the park multiple times.

Contact information

Kolin Veistospuisto/Kolin puutarha, Martikkalantie 13, 83960 Koli

p. 050 466 5040

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