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Versatile service at Loma-Koli

Diverse accommodation options on the ridge between Käränkälampi and Lake Pielinen, near Koli National Park. The area offers excellent opportunities to enjoy nature both on land and water. There's a swimming area and a pier available at Käränkälampi's shore. The Kolikeskus area features a year-round caravan site with summer cabins available. Additionally, Koli Country Club offers accommodation apartments and large representative villas at Koli Royal for year-round use.

Upon request, there is a sports hall and gym, as well as rental saunas available. Additionally, at Kolikeskus, there is a Ski Café open by arrangement, showcasing various exhibitions.

Furthermore, in the courtyard of Kolikeskus, there is a meeting and event space for 25 people.

Contact information

Hiekkaniementie 2, 83960 Koli

+358 40 1372090


Open all year round (no permanent reception and on-call service). Reception is open during the opening hours of the Kolikeskus café. Please call to confirm opening hours. 040 1372090 or 0400 504596.

Information about other services and group offers

Koli DMC / group sales
tel. +358 50 553 3023

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