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Churches in Lieksa

Cultural-historic landmarks of the area

Visitors interested in history cannot pass the churches in the area without stopping and paying attention to their splendid architecture. Besides the tall tower of the Evangelical-Lutheran church, the tower of the St Prophet Elijah Orthodox church reaches for the heavens above. In Lieksa church park there is Finland's oldest Orthodox chapel, Chapel of the Transfiguration of Christ, built in 1769. Other churches and chapels in the area are in Koli, Nurmijärvi, Viekijärvi and Vuonisjärvi.

The rich history of Lieksa Church

The current Evangelical-Lutheran church building in Lieksa in the fourth in the area. The first church, built in 1667 was torn down, the second, completed in 1772 was destroyed by a lightning, and the third, designed by Carl Ludvig Engel in 1836 burnt down in a fire in 1979. The current modern church, designed by architects Raili and Reima Pietilä, was competed in 1982.

Lieksan kirkot

The church in Viekijärvi was inaugurated in 1911. A special feature in this church with gothic features are rustic log walls, high windows and original ovens which were used to heat up the church in the old days. The two steel church bells were produced in Bochum in 1910.

Nurmijärven kirkko

The parish hall of Jongunjoki in Nurmijärvi was designed by architect Rafael Blomsted. The building was delayed by was and the parish hall was inaugurated on 18th July 1948. A special feature in the hall are square pine veneer panels. The bell tower and cemetery chape were built in 1956.


Paateri Church, designed and built by sculptress Eva Ryynänen (1915–2001) in a marvellous piece of art in Vuonisjärvi village. The church can be reserved for various events in summer time.

Profeetta Elian kirkko

Part of the Orthodox parish of Joensuu, the Church of St Prophet Elijah is in a central place in Lieksa town centre.

Tsasouna Lieksassa

Chapel of the Transfiguration of Christ, completed in 1769, is in Lieksa chuch park in a beautiful natural setting.


The Chapel of Dormition of the Theotokos is in the charming village of Vuonisjärvi. is also part of the Orthodox parish of Joensuu.

Information about other services and group offers

Lieksan kirkko
Kirkkokatu 1, 81700 Lieksa
0400 369 919
0400 365 575

Profeetta Elian kirkko
Iljankatu 14, 81700 Lieksa
0400 397 900

Viekijärven kirkko
Kannelkoskentie 10, 81860 Viekijärvi

Nurmijärven seurakuntatalo
Jongunjoen rajaseutukirkko
Salmentaus 5 , 81970 Jongunjoki

Paaterin kirkko
Paateri 21, 81560 Vuonisjärvi
040 1044 055





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