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Patvinsuo National Park

Hiking in old-growth forests, wilderness and mires.

Patvinsuo National Park, an internationally significant area for protection and study of mire nature, in an idyllic hiking destination in wilderness nature. It is easy to organise self-organised daytrips or overnight hikes in Patvinsuo, a park with old-growth forests and lakes with pristine sandy beaches. There are approx. 80km of marked trails, most of which are easy. Those looking for a longer hike can continue along near-by Karjalan Kierros hiking trails.

Karhuemo ja poikanen metsälammen rannalla.

Rest you mind by observing nature

Among the clear waters and typical Finnish landscapes there are great opportunities to observe wildlife. The emblem animal of Patvinsuo, the bear, avoids people and is rarely seen unlike the dams and nests of beavers which are a common sight along the streams. The park has a diverse birdlife: swans, cranes, geese and many other mire birds, birds of pray and Tetraonidae can be observed from bird watching tower at Teretinniemi and viewing platform at Surkansuo. The national park’s information centre is Suomu Naure Information Hut, which is open from May to September.

Patvinsuo National Park is ideal for families.

In Patvinsuo there are several easy trails suitable for all ages.

Contact information

Suomuntie 54, 81650 Hattuvaara

020 639 5654

Information about other services and group offers

Suomu Nature Information Hut
Pekka Turunen
+358 46 572 0766
Patvinsuo National Park

Transport services to the hiking trails of Lieksa


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